When Coal Was King Mining Pennsylvania Anthracite in picture and story Poliniak

When Coal Was King Mining Pennsylvania Anthracite in picture and story Poliniak

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When Coal Was King Mining Pennsylvania Anthracite in picture and story Poliniak
When Coal was King by Louis Poliniak Soft Cover 1970 32 Pages
The Coal Fields
In Pennsylvania, nature bestowed her richest deposits of anthracite, the coal that is most nearly pure carbon. The coal fields cover almost 500 square miles.
As early as 1769 anthracite or "hard coal" was known to exist in the vicinity of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Obadiah Gore, a blacksmith at that settlement, had made use of it under forced draught in his forge.
Eight years later, the first shipment of coal was made from Wyoming Valley down the Susquehanna River to Harrisburg. From there is was transported to Carlisle, Pa., to be used in forges in the manufacture of firearms.
The one fact detrimental to the immediate use of anthracite as a fuel was the difficulty in igniting it. But in 1808, Judge Jesse Fell, of Wilkes-Barre, discovered that anthracite could be burned successfully with a forced draught, on a grate which he invented.
Then, in 1781, coal was accidently discovered in Mauch Chunk by a hunter named Philip Ginter. Specimens of anthracite were carried to Philadelphia by Colonel Jacob Weiss, who immediately purchased all the land upon which the discovery was made. During the next year Colonel Weiss and others formed the Lehigh Coal Mining Company, the first coal mining company in America.
In the southern, or Schuylkill region, the existence of coal deposits was known as early as 1770. There is no positive record as to who discovered it, but the presence of coal is marked on Schul's map of that date.
It is believed that the first important discovery of anthracite in this district was made in 1790 by a hunter named Necho Allen. However, nothing immediately came of his discovery. It is assumed that those to whom the hunter told his story were not interested. Not until five years later did another blacksmith, named Whetstone, also successfully use anthracite in his forge. Even then, more than a decade passed before coal came into general use among the blacksmiths of the Pottsville region.
William Morris, of Pottsville, is given credit for being the first to introduce anthracite to the outside world. In the year 1800, he took a wagonload of coal to Philadelphia, but, was unable to sell it!
The next attempt to ship coal from the Schuylkill region was made in 1812 by Colonel George Shoemaker, of Pottsville. Shoemaker and Necho Allen formed a partnership, but Allen became discouraged and withdrew from the venture.
In 1790 Isaac Tomlinson discovered anthracite in the Western Middle Field at Shamokin, and in 1810, he began the use of anthracite in his own forge. Four years later, the first coal was taken to market from the Shamokin district, but shipments on a commercial scale from this field did not begin until 1826.
Near Hazleton, the Eastern Middle Field, coal was discovered in 1826 by John Charles, another hunter. Further explorations were made and the Hazleton Coal Company was formed to work the coal deposits.
A map inside the front cover shows the general area in Pennsylvania where all this took place. The production chart below shows the tremendous quantity of coal that was mined up to 1930.

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