Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral

Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral

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Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Westerners Brand Book No 13 Los Angeles Corral
Hard Cover w/ dust jacket has a plastic protective cover
214 pages
Copyright 1969

ALONZO "LONNIE" HULL, by Homer H. Boelter  7
THE WILD STALLION, by Anthony Amaral  37
GOD'S COWBOY, by John Upton Terrell  47
BERNARD J. D. IRWIN, M.D., by Harvey Starr, M.D.  77
E. A. BURBANK, by Thomas S. McNeill  91
WESTERN BROADSIDES, by Edwin H. Carpenter 145
GENERAL ELY S. PARKER, by Iron Eyes Cody 159
THE PEARL AND THE ROSE, by John M. Jeffrey 167
M. H. SHERMAN, by W. O. Hendricks 181
NEGATIVE REPORTS ON OREGON, by Clifford M. Drury 193
Geronimo  16
General Nelson A. Miles  18
Lieutenant Charles B. Gatewood  18
Major General Henry W. Lawton  19
General Leonard Wood  19
Wild Stallions  36, 39, 41
San Xavier Mission ( Drawing by Homer Boelter)  46
Sioux Chief in Buffalo Robe  54
George W. Reighard  57
Front Street, Dodge City 1876  59
Forty Thousand Buffalo Hides  63
The White Buffalo  65
Battle at Adobe Walls  66
Dreaming of a Day that is gone  75
Bernard John Dowling Irwin, M.D.  76
Map: Ft. Buchanan, Ft. Breckenridge, Ft. Grant, Ft. Bowie. ( Map by Walt Wheelock)  80
Chief Joseph ( oil)  90
Section of Elbridge Ayer Burbank Indian Portraits ( Courtesy, Huntington Library)  97 to 112
Chief Two Moon 113
Hacienda of Rancho Margarita 114
Pueblo Libre de San Pedro, or Las Flores 118
Las Flores Hacienda 124
Abandoned Stake Line: Plates 1 and 2 132
Plates 3 and 4 135
Plate 5 136
Western Broadsides  146 through 157
General Grant, Ely S. Parker and Staff, Cold Harbor 1864 158
Pearl Hart 166
Pearl Hart (2 photos) 169
Pages from Warden's register 179
Balloon Route Picture Map 180
The Town of Sherman 186
Four Vessels of L.A. Steamship Line 187
M. H. Sherman 187
The Captain Washington Hood Map of Oregon, 1838 192
IT IS ONLY IN RETROSPECT that a Period in history is fully understood and appreciated. The men and women who were living during the "exciting days" of the "Old West" were so engrossed in securing food for the table and clothes for their backs, that they had little time to enjoy their hour in history. This is not unusual. Who of us has not lived through important periods of history, but was too involved with the mundane details of every day living to recognize the significance of the hour? So it was with the fur traders, '49ers, California immigrants, as well as the natives.
While it is true that the physical properties of many of the boom towns have fallen into complete decay, and all of the residents passed beyond, the events and experiences of the deserted settlements continue to live. Within the great research libraries such as the Henry E. Huntington and the Bancroft there are vast files of diaries, letters, newspaper clippings, and field interviews that together give us as complete a report as is possible - far more accurate than the observations of any one person who was alive on the spot. Many individuals have within their own libraries important files of the story of the West. Taken as a whole much of the "Old West" lives more completely in retrospect than if it were happening today.
Not the least of the important sources of the history of the west are to be found within the Brand Books of the international corrals of the Westerners. The Los Angeles Corral has produced twelve books of high merit. This is evident by the rapidity in which the books have become out of print, as well as the advances in price received for back issues. Not only is the corral within the shadows of the Henry E. Huntington library, but the corral has a group of competent and knowledgeable writers who are interested in the West. The combination is unbeatable.
The contributors to this the thirteenth Brand Book of the Los Angeles Corral are all experienced craftsmen in the art of story telling. Several have had chapters in prior Brand Books. The newcomers in this book are men with wide experience who have authored books and contributed to the leading magazines of the country. At least three of the chapters were first presented as programs at a dinner meeting of the corral. They were received with such enthusiasm and appreciation that the speakers were requested to prepare a manuscript for the Brand Book.
This Brand Book includes, not only the talents of fine writers, but the mature judgment of a publication committee made up of men with wide literary experience. It is no exaggeration to say that few writers in the West are better qualified than Homer Boelter, Dr. Edwin Carpenter, Paul Bailey, Don Meadows and Paul Galleher to guide the progress of the publication of a book. Homer Boelter and "Ed" Carpenter not only served as committee members, but worked long and arduous as associate editors. Brand Book Thirteen is the result of the combined efforts of writers, photographers, artists, printer and binder as well as a committee that gave guidance from the first evening of the appointment of your editor.
Finally a book only becomes a complete entity when it has been read. It is the hope of the editor that the reader will enjoy the pleasure of gaining some new knowledge to make the "Old West" live for him. Thus will the efforts of all be consummated in success.

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