Vinyl Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks New York Central
Vinyl Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks New York Central
Vinyl Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks New York Central

Vinyl Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks New York Central

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Vinyl Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks New York Central
Record Rail Dynamics Recorded on Rainy Nights Along the Tracks of the New York Central  Record plays fine
Copyright 1952
33 1/3 RPM  Approx 10 inches
1070-A Microgroove
Side 1 A Story in Sound
Side 2 A Recitation of Sounds Recorded, Along the Right-of-Way of a Great Railroad
FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE or have lived by the side of a track SOUNDS of our TIMES #1070 may be a nightmare. But for most of us, - for us who live in a place where only the east wind sends the sounds of the railroad reaching out over the wet foggy night, this record will be a thing of nostalgia, moving within us the strange restlessness of wanderlust.
RECORDED ON RAINY NIGHTS during the fall of 1950 near the Peekskill, NY station, #1070 holds the sounds of most types of engines used by the great New York Central.
TECHNICALLY, the transient content of steam, rails, trucks and couplings are a challenge to any reproducing system. The acoustic perspective of trains that rush on and past into the distance is a new experience, for it is a rare record which brings you the dynamic sound of a dynamic moving object.
PEEKSKILL is where the commuter trains stop and return to New York City and first are heard general yard noises -
BEAUTIFUL whistling approach - steam - as locomotive passes by. Finally train screeches to a shuddering stop, then pulls out. Baggage wagon clatters along platform.
YARD noises with sound of commuter seats being reversed for the trip back - ending in a surprise. Train backs out of station, drivers slipping on wet rails.
DIESEL horn - streamliner sleeper approaches, passes at high speed, followed shortly by second section. Doppler effect on horn after train passes.
TRAIN whistles approach and passes at high speed.
LONG FAST freight whistles, approaches and passes - count cars.
TRAIN pulls in and releases brakes.
TRAIN whistles approach, - passes, whistles in distance. Station master's bell rings in background.
ANOTHER whistles and passes. Great oncoming rush of presence and perspective in passing.
TRAIN with mournful whistle passes, whistling once in distance.
"SIDE A" tells a story of the open rail, often with the microphone aboard a moving train. Material for this side was collected under a variety of circumstances with the co-operation and assistance of the New York Central.
SOUNDS of our TIMES collects for you authentic originals of sounds which are off the beaten path of records. They are not studio productions, but are made on the road, on location in their natural habitat. For example, organ recordings are made in the church or auditorium, not in an organ studio.
SOUNDS of our TIMES records actually transmit a fuller frequency range than ever before on long playing records. Their superior recording quality is due to the fact that all recordings are engineered exclusively by Cook Laboratories, manufacturers of feedback disc recording cutters and fine recording equipment.

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