Vintage Year for Steam, A  by Steve Malpass John Dare Ian Jenkins Hard Cover

Vintage Year for Steam, A by Steve Malpass John Dare Ian Jenkins Hard Cover

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Vintage Year for Steam, A by Steve Malpass John Dare Ian Jenkins Hard Cover
A Vintage Year for Steam by Steve Malpass John Dare Ian Jenkins Hard Cover 121 Pages AusSteam 88 and Flying Scotsman in Australia
This book was first discussed as a 'possible project' at an ARHS Victorian Division Publication Committee meeting during early 1988. Four years later, it would seem to those involved to have become an `impossible project'.
To our committee, the documentation of Aus Steam '88 and FLYING SCOTSMAN'S Australian visit was seen as being very important. We decided then to do the book properly. Over time, we saw that both occasions had been covered in railfan magazines and received some media attention. However, only a couple of books covered the events either in part or from a souvenir point of view.
We wanted, as well as securing the best selection of photography from around the country, to produce a book which would be a definitive account. It would draw on the experiences of those intimately involved from the beginning, when the idea for a Bicentennial transport spectacular was first raised in 1986, until well after FLYING SCOTSMAN left Australia in November 1989.
It wasn't too long before we began to see the book grow well past the publication we had first discussed early in 1988. The fact that FLYING SCOTSMAN did end up staying for twelve months added a substantial  amount of text and photography we hadn't envisaged at the beginning. We had set ourselves a sizeable task.
So, once the book was 'finished' for the second time, which meant that all our text was typeset, proof-read, updated and all the photography was shortlisted again, we started to get a very good idea of just how much bigger this book would be. We also began to see how much more it was going to cost to produce.
At this point in our journey, there was 'an emergency application of the brakes' and we all prepared ourselves for a delay due to mechanical problems. It looked like this book, like the events it recorded, was going to need sponsorship too.
Fortunately, several organisations came to our assistance and lent their valuable support, both financially and in kind, making A VINTAGE YEAR FOR STEAM a reality. Finally.
We sincerely hope this book does 'bring it all back' time after time and becomes a valued record of a unique period.

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