United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter

United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter

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United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
United States and World Sea Power by EB Potter
Hard Cover w/ dust jacket Dust jacket shows wear, name and date written inside front cover, personal library stamp embossed first page, inside dust jacket has been taped
963 pages  Indexed
Copyright 1955
1 The Origins of Western Sea Power - 1
2 The Approach to the Oceanic Age - 21
3 Beginning the Rivalry for Empire - 42
4 The Seven Years' War - 67
5 The American Revolution, Part I - 90
6 The American Revolution, Part II - 108
7 Wars of the French Revolution and Empire: Opening Events - 126
8 England at Bay, 1797 - 143
9 England Re-enters the Mediterranean - 16o
10 The Atlantic Front, 1798-1802 - 178
11 Climax at Sea: the Trafalgar Campaign, 1805 - 194
12 Post-Trafalgar: the British Come to Grips with Napoleon - 215
13 The War of 1812 and the Final Defeat of Napoleon - 234
14 The New Technology to 1861 - 256
15 Naval Operations, 1815-1861 - 271
16 The American Civil War: Opening Events - 294
17 The Blockade and the Cruisers - 301
18 The Battle of the Ironclads - 317
19 The Mississippi Valley Campaign, Part I: the Road to Vicksburg - 331
20 The Mississippi Valley Campaign, Part II: Vicksburg and After - 352
21 Closing the Confederate Ports - 366
22 Naval Developments in the Late 19th Century - 383
23 The Spanish-American War - 401
24 The Rise of Sea Power in the Far East - 414
25 The Russo-Japanese War - 431
26 The United States Becomes a Naval Power - 450
27 World War I: Cruiser Actions - 471
28 The Dardanelles-Gallipoli Campaign - 495
29 The Battle of Jutland - 515
30 The Struggle for Command of the Seas - 540
31 American Participation and Allied Victory - 549
32 Disarmament and Rearmament - 560
33 Doctrinal Evolution between World Wars - 576
34 World War II: Atlantic Surface Actions - 595
35 The Struggle for the Mediterranean - 614
36 The Battle of the Atlantic: U-boat Warfare - 635
37 The Period of Japanese Expansion - 650
38 The Battle of the Coral Sea - 673
39 Midway and the Aleutians - 683
40 The Allied Offensive against North Africa and Italy - 702
41 The Campaign against Rabaul, Phase I: Guadalcanal and Papua - 719
42 The Campaign against Rabaul, Phase II: the Central Solomons and Huon Peninsula - 741
43 The Campaign against Rabaul, Phase III: Rabaul Neutralized and By-passed - 755
44 The Aleutians, Gilberts, and Marshalls - 767
45 The Dual Advance to the Philippines - 786
46 The Battle for Leyte Gulf - 805
47 Submarines in the Pacific - 826
48 The Defeat of Germany - 843
49 The Dissolution of the Japanese Empire - 863
50 The Uneasy Peace - 886
51 The Korean War - 903
52 Cold War and Hot Peace - 917
Bibliography - 923
Index, and Abbreviation List - 939
World history and the intense international struggle for command of the seas from 500 B.C. to the present form the dramatic background for this penetrating analysis of the emergence of the United States as a major naval power.
Starting with the origins of western sea power in the ancient Mediterranean, the authors trace the successive rise of Greece, Rome, Spain, Holland, England, and then the United States to positions of naval supremacy.
The Wars of the French Revolution and Empire are treated in vivid detail. This section on the climactic conclusion of the Age of Sail clearly defines the part United States naval operations during the American Revolution and the War of 1812 played in this long and bitter struggle between England and France.
In the chapters on the American Civil War are graphic descriptions of the tactics of the Southern privateers, Confederate Cruisers, and the Ironclads, and the devastating Mississippi Valley Campaign. Naval activity during the post-war years of decline is discussed, followed by a fascinating account of the Spanish-American War, from which the United States emerged as a major naval power.
Over half of this well-documented history is devoted to the conflicts of the Twentieth Century-World Wars I and II and the Korean Conflict. Cruiser actions in World War I, the Dardanelles-Gallipoli Campaign, the Battle of Jutland, and the American contribution to Allied victory are fully covered.
In the sixteen comprehensive chapters on World War II, emphasis is placed on the Pacific theater of operations, where the greatest naval war of the Age of Steam took place. There are gripping discussions of naval strategy and tactics during the Battle of the Coral Sea, at Midway and the Aleutians, in the Campaign against Rabaul, and throughout k the Dual Advance to the Philippines. The dramatic climax of this phase comes at the Battle for Leyte Gulf, which for complexity and magnitude was without parallel in naval history.
In this dynamic account of the history of United States and world sea power, the reader will see how general strategy has gradually been clarified. He will learn the characteristics that produce successful leadership, and how naval leaders have taken into account the changing conditions imposed by changing weapons and have developed new tactics for handling forces in battle. Separate chapters cover the various technological developments throughout the ages.
Over 150 battle diagrams, maps, and charts f have been specially prepared for this edition. An additional valuable feature is an exhaustive bibliography, covering every one of the 52 chapters, and a complete and accurate index.
Authoritative and well-documented, this  comprehensive history provides a thorough understanding of modern sea warfare and dramatically demonstrates the influence of sea power on the destiny of nations.

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