Transportation Principles and Problems By Truman Bigham Hard Cover 1947

Transportation Principles and Problems By Truman Bigham Hard Cover 1947

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Transportation Principles and Problems By Truman Bigham Hard Cover 1947
Transportation Principles and Problems By Truman Bigham Hard Cover Copyright 1947 626 pages.
THIS book deals with the economics of transportation in the United States. Special attention has been given to the needs of teachers and students in universities and colleges. Its primary objective is to promote the establishment of more rational transportation policies.
The first four chapters are designed to provide a background for the discussion of important questions. The next four chapters give an account of state and federal transport legislation. Nine chapters are then devoted to rate making. The last seven chapters take up service, security issuance, combination, labor, public aid, government ownership, and the general improvement of public policy.
Broadly conceived, the term "transportation" embraces innumerable plant conveyers. But in common usage it refers to revenue carriers or to private means closely related thereto. Even under this interpretation of the word the field of transportation is very large; so large and complex, indeed, that the author deems it advisable to center attention here upon the following intercity carriers: railroads, inland and coastwise waterways, pipe lines, highways, and airways. Street railways and overseas shipping are touched upon only incidentally.
The different forms of transportation are treated jointly in these pages from a functional point of view as parts of a whole. Something is to be said for individual treatment, but it would seem that all types of carriers are so closely interrelated as to be handled best together, even though the difficulties of organization are increased. The book was begun because of the need for a text which would cut across transport agency lines and which, while emphasizing railroads, would devote more than the usual attention to other means of transportation.
In order to keep the length of the book within reasonable bounds, it has, of course, been necessary to limit the discussion at many points, but the author trusts that the analysis will prove adequate for all essential purposes. It has also been thought wise to utilize footnotes rather extensively. Perhaps the explanatory data therein and the continuity of thought facilitated thereby will compensate the reader for such inconvenience as may occur.
In preparing this study the author has assumed that private ownership and operation, with public regulation, is an acceptable policy, although government ownership has not been ignored. He hastens to add, however, that the mixed system is in his-opinion not perfect, and suggestions for its improvement are set forth in the last chapter. These recommendations refer principally to promotional and regulatory action by public authorities, but it is recognized that the companies can play an equally if not more important role in the future of transportation.

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