Transportation Crisis, The BY G Lloyd Wilson Copyright 1933 Hard Cover

Transportation Crisis, The BY G Lloyd Wilson Copyright 1933 Hard Cover

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Transportation Crisis, The BY G Lloyd Wilson Copyright 1933 Hard Cover
The Transportation Crisis BY G Lloyd Wilson Copyright 1933 Hard Cover 335 pages.  Indexed.  
TRANSPORTATION in the United States is in a state of chaos. Business depression, political uncertainty, financial stringency, destructive competition, vacillating policy, and public apathy have conspired to shake to the foundations one of the strongest American institutions, the transportation system.
The present condition of transportation affairs is not a matter which concerns only the rival agencies of transportation. It vitally affects the business interests of every industry. It looms large as a problem of the financial institutions and private investors who have investments in the securities of transportation companies. It is a matter of bread and butter, not to mention ice cream and cake, to the millions who are dependent upon the transportation business for their incomes to support themselves and their families. It is a matter of vital import to the local, state, and Federal government, for the agencies of transportation are large tax-payers and are vital parts of the machinery of commerce and trade. The arteries of commerce must not be permitted to become impaired, lest the whole commercial body break down.
The author believes that if the facts are known and if the importance of the present crisis is appreciated by American business men, bankers, investors, and others, the economic and political action necessary to save the transportation system from ruin will be taken before it is too late.
"The Transportation Crisis" does not present a brief for any type or group of transportation interests. It presents no "cure-all," one dose of which insures instantaneous cure. It is not sensational journalism seeking to "throw a scare" with the hope that some particular course may be followed by an aroused and alarmed public. Rather, it attempts to consider soberly the facts behind the present condition and to counsel the immediate formulation of a sound policy of use and regulation of all types of transportation utilities, so that all, through judicious use and constructive regulation, may be enabled to serve the public adequately for reasonable compensation.
The author has diligently sought to discover the best sources of information and to present the facts fairly and accurately. He acknowledges with thanks the friendly services of a number of fellow workers in the field of transportation economics and in the operation of transportation facilities, in reading and criticizing portions of the manuscript. Particular thanks are due William D. Galloway, Jr., B.S. in Economics, M.B.A., a former student and present friend, for his labor in reading and criticizing the manuscript.

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