Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951
Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951
Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951
Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951

Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951

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Transportation By Charles Landon Hard Cover 1951
Transportation By Charles Landon 618 Pages Hard Cover Copyright 1951  FIRST PRINTING
TRANSPORTATION, BOTH IN ITS QUANTITATIVE AND ITS QUALITATIVE aspects, has been of paramount importance in the development of the specialized economic society that we call the modern world. The interchange of commodities, the movement of the people, the dissemination of the skills and knowledge that have made modern civilization what it is have all been possible because of transportation. This dependence upon transportation for past progress and for future improvement should make the study of the methods and principles by which the transportation system functions and of the means for improving its efficiency of interest to people in all walks of life.
This book has been written after two decades of experience in teaching the subject to undergraduates. It is designed to meet the needs of an introductory course. The objective is to acquaint the student-and the businessman and citizen as well-with the principles, practices, and problems of transportation that prevail in the United States, and with the social and economic importance of transportation to the operation of our economic system. The treatment is not intended to he exhaustive. Numerous topics are discussed only briefly, with the hope that students who are interested will pursue these subjects further on their own initiative.
Emphasis has been placed primarily on the organization and operation of transportation as a business, on the application of economic principles in transportation, and on the problems whose solution is necessary for the improvement of transportation. Because each form of transportation has service features in which, under certain conditions, it is superior to the other forms, considerable attention is given to the comparative economic features and competitive advantages and disadvantages of each mode. Ample attention is also given to the means by which the different kinds of transportation can be unified into a system in which each kind is limited, in so far as is possible, to supplying the services for which it is the superior agency.
The book is divided into six parts. Part One indicates in general terms the importance of transportation in human affairs and points out the fundamental economic and physical factors which have influenced its progress.
Part Two emphasizes the business aspects of transportation-one of the special features of this book. Included in the discussion are the nature and extent, both quantitative and qualitative, of the physical facilities and the business organization by which the different transportation agencies operate to supply freight and passenger services. Various problems resulting from these operations are also pointed out.
Part Three is concerned with the economics of transportation. It attempts to show how various segments of economic theory apply to the pricing of transportation services. The theoretical and practical aspects of rate-making comprise the heart of this discussion. Also important are analyses of transportation costs and of the effects of freight rates on the location of economic activities.
Part Four discusses regulation. The treatment emphasizes those features that require control and indicates how regulation is employed, at the present time, to achieve its major purposes. The material is historical only to the extent necessary for this objective. One chapter is devoted to the Federal commissions that regulate transportation.
Part Five analyzes the principal problems, the solution of which challenges carriers and regulatory and legislative authorities in their efforts to improve transportation efficiency. These problems relate largely to finance, service, and labor.
Part Six outlines the methods for estimating future demands for service and outlines the elements of a policy for meeting these needs. The importance of economic research in transportation is pointed out with indications as to the direction that it should follow.
Numerous maps, charts, and illustrations are employed to clarify the discussion. The extensive bibliographical notes at the end of most of the chapters contain the latest references available on the subject.
The ideas, materials, and knowledge embodied in this book have been gained over the years from a variety of sources too numerous for specific mention, even if all of them could be recalled. Acknowledgment is gratefully made, however, to the various Federal departments whose publications and data have been used abundantly. Particular mention should be made of the Board of Investigation and Research, Transportation Act of 1940, by whom the author was employed for almost a year.

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