Transportation and Communications by G Lloyd Wilson Hard Cover Copyright 1954

Transportation and Communications by G Lloyd Wilson Hard Cover Copyright 1954

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Transportation and Communications by G Lloyd Wilson Hard Cover Copyright 1954
Transportation and Communications by G Lloyd Wilson Hard Cover Copyright 1954 757 pages.  Indexed.  
THIS VOLUME is designed as a general elementary textbook for undergraduate students of business administration or graduate students who have not had a course in the transportation and communication utilities. It is not intended to be a critical study of the problems of these industries, as a handbook for these aspects of business, or a brief for or against any form of transportation or communications.
It is hoped, however, that this comprehensive and factual presentation of the structure and services of these utilities, upon which other industries, social life, and government depend, will not be unduly pedestrian. The pattern followed is to discuss briefly the principles of economic theory that are, in varying degrees, characteristic of these industries. The development of each form of transportation and communications is briefly sketched. The services rendered by each are discussed, and the bases upon which their rates are made are briefly described. Outlines of organization and management patterns are presented, and the relations of the utilities with each other and the public they serve are stated. Finally, the regulation of the various instrumentalities of transportation and communications, as industries vested with a public interest, and the administrative control by regulatory commissions and the courts are discussed through the media of statutory law and commission and court decisions.
The volume is designed to inform students of the place of these public utility enterprises in the economic, social, and political structure. The references for further study at the conclusion of each part introduce the student to publications which discuss the more technical aspects of the industries, their historical development, their services and charges, the problems of management, statutory and administrative regulation, and public policy.
This volume is the result of more than a quarter-century of experience in teaching an elementary introductory course at the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Pennsylvania. In the development of this course there has been a shift in emphasis from the historical to a business-administration approach, designed for students of general business management, to show the relationship of transportation and communications to other fields of business enterprise. It also serves as the introductory course in transportation and communications for students preparing to enter some one of these industries, industrial or commercial traffic management, or government service related to transportation or communications.
The materials of the present volume have been used in mimeographed form as a text for this course, though the form and contents of the chapters have been modified as the result of experience in the class use of the materials. The volume is designed for a two-semester course, meeting three hours each week for lectures and class discussion. The materials can be adapted for a one-term course or for a course meeting two hours each week by omission of chapters which deal in greater detail with the services, charges and business practices, and government regulation.
The author acknowledges the critical comments and suggestions of members of the instructional staff of the Transportation and Public Utilities Department of the University of Pennsylvania, who have used the materials in class, including: Arnold K. Henry, Ph.D.; Joseph R. Rose, LL.B., Ph.D.; Hugh N. Emerson, Ph.D.; Walter S. Anderson, M.A., LL.B.; Sidney L. Miler, Jr., M.A.; George M. Dougherty, Jr., M.B.A.; Charles F. Heye, M.B.A.; Lee M. Crutchfield, M.S.; and John E. Clayton, M.B.A.
Many persons, too numerous to mention individually, in various fields of transportation and communications with carriers, industries, and government, have contributed information, suggestions, and criticisms. The author gratefully acknowledges their contributions but accepts full responsibility for his interpretation of the factual data and opinions.
The author's point of view is that all modes of transportation and communications are required to serve the complex economic, social, and governmental structure of the United States, and that each service should be used where it has comparative inherent economic advantage. The volume undertakes to be objective and not pro or anti any mode of transportation or communications, and to present each without conscious bias so that the student may draw his own conclusions on the controversial aspects of the claims of rival enterprises under comprehensive constructive and fair government regulation.
The pattern of the book is indicated by the parts into which it is divided: Part I deals with economic principles applicable to all the transportation and communication utilities; Part II is concerned with railroad transportation; Part III is confined to transportation by water; Part IV deals with highway and motor transportation; Part V treats of air transportation; Part VI deals with pipe lines, express and forwarded transportation, industrial traffic management and transportation policy; and Part VII is concerned with the communication utilities.

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