Transportation A Pictorial Archive 19th century 525 illustrations

Transportation A Pictorial Archive 19th century 525 illustrations

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Transportation A Pictorial Archive 19th century 525 illustrations
Transportation By Jim Harter A Pictorial Archive from 19th century sources.  525 copyfree illustrations   154 Pages
Wood engravings, with their crisp black-and-white lines, were popularized by Thomas Bewick at the end of the eighteenth century and quickly became the favored medium of mass reproduction of artwork in the nineteenth. While there were only about 20 wood engravers in the United States in 1838, by 1870 their number had swelled to about 400. Most of them earned their living by engraving illustrations for the great periodicals of the era, Harper's Weekly and Leslie's Illustrated foremost among them. With great skill the artists rendered sketches and photographs into precise illustrations. The medium admitted a wide variety of styles from simple, bold line drawings to those so carefully worked that the effect of gradation of tone was achieved, sometimes with an impressionistic feeling.
By the mid-1880s the means had become available for reproducing photographs as halftone illustrations, but they were both crude and expensive. It was not until the 1890s that the art of wood engraving began to be superseded by the new process. Ironically, now that the technique of the wood engraving has been largely lost, the popularity of these illustrations is reviving. Artists find the material widely adaptable to projects such as collage. Graphic designers are rediscovering how well the engravings complement typography.
Using his keen eye, artist Jim Harter has culled this selection from issues of Harper's, Leslie's, Illustrated London News, La Nature, Scientific American and more than eighteen other sources. He has chosen the material to reflect both the diversity of the subject and the variety of styles of wood engraving. Exercising his prerogative as an artist, Mr. Harter has also included a few illustrations that predate the nineteenth century, as well as some from the first decade of the twentieth, incorporating a modest sampling of automobiles and airplanes. The entire selection has been made to be of maximum use to artists and designers by including as many aspects of transportation as possible. For the convenience of users of this book, the images have been loosely grouped into nine categories: horse-drawn vehicles, sleighs, bicycles, trolleys, trains, cars (mostly of the early steam-powered types), ships, airships (including balloons and dirigibles) and miscellaneous transport. embracing everything from pack animals to rickshaws and impossible but whimsical conveyances.

All pictures are of the actual item.  If this is a railroad item, this material is obsolete and no longer in use by the railroad.  Please email with questions. Publishers of Train Shed Cyclopedias and Stephans Railroad Directories. Large inventory of railroad books and magazines. Thank you for buying from us.

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