Transport Requirements for the Growth of Northwest North America Vol 2 MAPS

Transport Requirements for the Growth of Northwest North America Vol 2 MAPS

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Transport Requirements for the Growth of Northwest North America Vol 2 MAPS
Transport Requirements for the Growth of Northwest North America Vol 2 MANY fold out maps.  1961 Approx 1 inch thick.  Letter from the chairman, Alaska International Rail and highway commission, transmitting the final report of the Alaska International rail and highway commission, pursuant to public law.   Research report by Battelle Memorial Institute on an integrated Transport system to encourage economic development of Northwest North America.
The vast area of Northwest North America represents a major portion of the last pioneering frontier on the continent. Many of its resources are reasonably well known; but any attempt to inventory and appraise the Area's hidden mineral resources -certainly a major feature in its future economic potential - is a task involving decades of exploration and development work and hundreds of millions of dollars. Sizable though past exploration efforts have been, they have only scratched the surface in showing the magnitude of mineral developments that might take place in the future. Technologic advances of presently unknown magnitude and import will surely make significant contributions in facilitating discovery and development of these resources in the next 20 years.
Meaningful conclusions on transport needs for resource development should be based on objective analyses. Projections of mineral-resource developments in this study have therefore been made, in the main, from known occurrences. Magnitude and location of new discoveries simply cannot be predicted with any reasonable degree of probability. In spite of this uncertainty over future mineral potentials, economic growth of the Area from known resources in the next 20 years appears quite promising.
Again, the appraisal of improved transport facilities needed for resource development has been based primarily on known and proved transport methods. The inevitable march of technology will surely register major improvements in various types of transport - whether it be to greatly accelerate water transport by hydrofoils, to expand geographic accessibility by submarine freight and passenger service, to simplify and cheapenland transport by "air cushion" vehicles, or to improve and cheapen air transport by various methods.
These hidden resources and unknown but inevitable technologic advances are intangible assets whose imprints onthe Area's future progress cannot now be timed or evaluated.
But perhaps the most potent intangible and immeasurable assets of the Area are the heart, the courage, and the will of its people. In every population there are always some who seek new country, new adventures, and new challenges in an environment where they are their own masters. Such people are willing to rely on their own personal resources for existence and to face the hardships and problems of the life they have chosen. Their motivations may be many - dislike of the crowd and pressures of conformity, love of the outdoors, escape, fortune, risk, or self-satisfaction in conquering the unknown. Such people pioneered in opening up the United States and Canada - through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.
Problems of present-day Northwest North America are not strictly comparable to those of a century ago. There are possibly greater barriers to its economic development today than was then true of the prairie states and the West. But these barriers will not deter all of the pioneers in our present and future populations. The Area's unique frontier characteristics will serve as a magnet to those of true pioneering spirit.
As the population of the United States and Canada grows - probably doubling in the next half-century - economic pressures will force those who seek space and love nature to move toward the far Northwest. There they will find wild game, fish, and mountain grandeur unexcelled in the world. Armed with the products of inevitable technical advance, the vast and broad spectrum of the Area's resources will be found, developed, and put to use in the service of mankind.
Some way, somehow, these people will exist, they will multiply, they will be productive. And in the course of their progress they can find that satisfaction they seek in a dynamic, expanding Northwest North America that will evolve from their efforts.

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