Trains of the World by Jackson Oversize DJ 1964

Trains of the World by Jackson Oversize DJ 1964

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Trains of the World by Jackson Oversize DJ 1964
Trains Of The World By Alan A Jackson 61 Pages Copyright 1964  DUST JACKET has many tears.  
If you could stand in the steam-misted atmosphere of an old railway terminus and feel no ache of adventure, this book is not for you.
If you could walk between locomotives that stand puffing and panting like angry dragons, and not feel terrified and exhilarated at the same time, this book is not for you.
But . . . if you could walk into a railway terminal and get caught up in the excitement .... if you could savor every whiff of the wonderful sulphurous smell, and, most of all . . if you would love to wander around looking at locomotives, even if you had no intention of taking a trip, then read on . . . you are a lover of trains.
To a lover of trains, a locomotive is more than merely another machine-it is a symbol of adventure. A ride on a train is more than the going from one place to another-it is a journey with as many thrills as a trip to the moon will ever have. The feeling of speed and motion, the rhythmic click-click of wheel on rail, the colorful passage of city and countryside - all are part of the thrill of trains.
TRAINS OF THE WORLD is the story of trains from the earliest experimental steam locomotives. One such was an engine called "Catch Me Who Can"-a demonstration engine that ran on a circular track in north London. It was advertised to race with a horse. The builder, Trevithick, charged five shillings to onlookers and passengers, just like a sideshow at a fair. When the engine broke the rail and toppled over, Trevithick gave up his railway experiments. But this certainly wasn't the end of steam locomotives-or trains.
TRAINS OF THE WORLD is a compendium of interesting facts about trains, about the development of trains, and all about trains in general. There are helpful labelled pictures and diagrams, such as The Works of a Locomotive," "The Cab of a Modern Steam Locomotive," and signals of British and U.S. railroads.
Would you like to know what is the busiest station in the world?; how the Pullman got its name?; the largest railway systems?; what the Talgo train is and where it runs? You will know if you read this book.
Besides the mechanical aspects of trains and railroading TRAINS OF THE WORLD contains comments on royalty who enjoyed traveling in trains, artists who used trains as subjects for painting and poems, and the importance of trains to the history of the world.
If you think that's a lot about trains .. . youre right.

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