Trains Magazine 1956 February Steam in Cincinnati How to re-lay rail
Trains Magazine 1956 February Steam in Cincinnati How to re-lay rail

Trains Magazine 1956 February Steam in Cincinnati How to re-lay rail

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Trains Magazine 1956 February Steam in Cincinnati How to re-lay rail
Trains Magazine 1956 February Steam in Cincinnati
57 Pages
Railroad news and editorial comment. By David P. Morgan.
The railroad passenger business is in need of some intelligent attention - now.
Railroad news photos.-
With the New Year the railroads are busy
retiring old and hiring new equipment.
The steel-muscled rail gang. By David P. Morgan with illustrations by George A. Gloff.
Follow a traveling gang that re-lays rail on the C&O - up to 175 miles of it a year.
Taking down the markers. Photographs by Philip R. Hastings and commentary by David P. Morgan.
The "Smoke Over the Prairies" series comes to a most appropriate conclusion.
Photo section.
Railroading in the four seasons and in the four corners passing in pictorial review.
White Pass meets its match. By Rosemary Entringer.
Two diesels with the qualities of a polar bear are helping the White Pass & Yukon.
Saved by the shovels. By Paul Stringham.
Opening of a huge strip coal mine in 1936 was the salvation of Galesburg & Eastern.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
A universal fear put into words in a reprint from the Springfield (0.) Sun.
"I never worked a day in my life." By George H. Harlan Jr.
When Bill Thomas made that statement he'd never spoken truer words in his life.
A questionnaire in steam.-
How smart do you think you are? Think twice before you answer these questions.
When steam ruled the Dixie Line.
See NC&StL's famous flanged-stacked locomotives and its celebrated Dixie 4-8-4's
IF you really want to write off the railroad passenger business, now is the time to document your prediction. Item: Boeing's 707 jet transport, slated for domestic service by 1959, will move Milwaukee to within 22 minutes of Detroit, 1 hour of New York, and 3 hours of the Pacific Northwest. Item: Toll roads, most of them now open, will soon permit you to drive from New York to Chicago without encountering a single red light. Item: In 1954, as compared with 1953, the railroads' share of intercity passenger-miles slipped from 5.3 to 4.7 per cent while flying picked up from 2.9 to 3.1 per cent and private automobiles increased from 86.9 to 87.8 per cent. Item: For the first 9 months of last year rail passenger revenues were 559.3 million dollars vs. 595.2 million for the same period of 1954.
Are you convinced? Much of railroad management tends to be. Says Monon President Warren W. Brown: "My impression is that in many sections there seems to be only the feeling that passenger business in the railway industry can't become anything but a bigger headache."
For the sake of discussion, let us place in print two basic and incontrovertible facts about the railroad passenger business:
1. It is practically impossible to kill it new or within from 10 to 20 years. The regulatory agencies, the Brotherhoods, the Defense Department, the Post Office, and the public would not permit that even if the railroads themselves wanted such cessation of service and could reconcile such matters as outstanding equipment trusts on postwar car purchases.
2. There remains in railroading the germ of moving passengers at a profit because the industry is inherently adapted to moving large amounts long distances. If that theory is not working because of inadequate commuter fares or top-heavy taxes or too much local train mileage, then is it not fair to submit that this premise has been beclouded, not erased?

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