Trains Album of Photographs #5 Southern Railroads Spiral Bound 1944 20 single si

Trains Album of Photographs #5 Southern Railroads Spiral Bound 1944 20 single si

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Trains Album of Photographs #5 Southern Railroads Spiral Bound 1944 20 single si
Trains Album of Photographs #5 Southern Railroads Spiral Bound 1944 19 single side pages of photos.  Measures approx. 10 X 14 inches.    PART of the top spiral binding is missing.  
Railroading in the South is infinite in its variety. And it is also surprising in its superlatives. Do you thrill to the sound of a barking exhaust on a mountain grade? The Southern Railway, at Saluda, N. C., climbs the steepest mainline grade in the United States, 4.7 per cent. Do you favor heavy railroading, with mile-long fruit blocks and luxurious passenger trains? The East Coast lines to Florida have it, especially during the winter months. Or do you want dense traffic, trains every few minutes? The Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac south of Washington carries as heavy a traffic as any double-track line in the country. Watch the fleet of passenger trains roll south in early evening, north in the morning.
The longest straight track in the country, stretching for 78.86 miles, is on the Seaboard Railway near Wilmington, N. C. The longest continuous curve in the United States is 9.45 miles, on the Illinois Central along the western shore of Lake Pontchartrain approaching New Orleans. The Southern Railway also has a continuous curve of 9 miles in the same vicinity. Some of the rockiest, roughest scenery in the country, Rocky Mountains not excepted, is in the mountains of the South. Witness the Southern's line south of Cincinnati, following gorges cut deep into the limestone backbone of southern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee.
The heaviest coal traffic in the country moves over the "big three" coal carriers of the Appalachian fields: the Chesapeake & Ohio, the Norfolk & Western and the Virginian. One of the most exciting perishable movements in the country is the rush to get Louisiana strawberries north for the early spring markets. All the smoke and glory of the blast furnaces and steel mills of Birmingham can be seen from the comfort of modern streamliners on the Southern and the Louisville & Nashville. The bayous of the Gulf Coast, with their lush vegetation, are crossed and recrossed by L&N trains. The verdant scenery of the broad valleys of Virginia is colorful with fruit blossoms in spring, a picture to be enjoyed for hour after hour from C&O or N&W or Southern observation lounges. Even in cindery, unkempt short lines the South is superlative, for Georgia is the happy hunting ground of the short-line connoisseur.
But there is more than scenery and exciting action to the railroads of the South. These railroads have brought into modern industrial America an area which was formerly almost exclusively agricultural. Southern railroads have created thousands of special low commodity rates especially to induce industries to locate upon their lines, and in the South a higher percentage of traffic moves under special commodity rates than anywhere else in the United States. Most authorities agree that had the Southern railroads, which were standard-gauged in 1886, been as well integrated with the roads of the North before 1860 as they are today, we would not have had a War Between the States.
The major traffic routes run not only north and south and east and west, but on diagonals determined mainly by the Chicago-Florida and the New York - New Orleans business. Some of the finest trains in the country run upon these diagonals as well as upon the New York - Florida and Chicago-New Orleans routes. The Panama Limited, the Royal Palm, the Dixie Limited, the Southerner, the Crescent, the Pan American, the Champion, the George Washington, and the Silver Meteor are only a few of the trains of the South which rank with any others in the United States.
The photos in this album cannot possibly cover the entire scope of the Southern railroads, but our selection is chosen to give the best over-all picture. We hope you like it.

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