Trains Album of Photographs #3 Midwestern Railroads Spiral Bound 1943 22 single

Trains Album of Photographs #3 Midwestern Railroads Spiral Bound 1943 22 single

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Trains Album of Photographs #3 Midwestern Railroads Spiral Bound 1943 22 single
Trains Album of Photographs #3 Midwestern Railroads Spiral Bound 1943 21 single side pages of photos.  Measures approx. 10 X 14 inches.
THE GREEN, rolling farmlands of the Midwest are the natural habitat of record-breaking streamliners. Here run the Zephyrs, the Hiawathas, the 400's, the Green Diamond, and the UP and Santa Fe coast streamliners. Here, too, run the fastest trains of big Eastern railroads, the Red Bird and Detroit Arrow of the Pennsy, and the New York Central trains rolling steadily along over the Elkhart to Toledo near-tangent and the south shore of Lake Erie.
But the Midwest is not only a land of fast trains. It is a region of distinct railroad accomplishment. This is not in an engineering way, to be sure, for Nature favored the Midwest railroads. But the accomplishment has been that of intelligent, aggressive management. These roads have neither the advantages of rich and concentrated mineral and coal lands nor of congested, thickly populated areas. They have the farms and their produce, spread thin and highly susceptible to truck competition.
The roads from the Great Lakes west into the wheat belt are called the Granger lines. It was here that restrictive railroad regulation had its birth in the 1870's at the insistence of the National Grange, a union of farmer organizations. The big rush on the granger roads comes in late Summer and early Fall. Old locomotives are taken out of white lead and deadheaded west to the prairie division points. Branches that normally carry only three trains a week are polished by one freight train after another.
Livestock, too, is a specialty of the Midwestern railroads. The livestock traffic has bred that overgrown vehicle, the drovers' caboose. None of those bouncy little four-wheelers for your Midwestern roads! At smallest the caboose is a comfortable living room and office, at largest practically a short coach with numerous windows and with berths for the men who chaperone their cattle to market.
Midwestern trains are literally colorful. The orange and red of the Milwaukee Road can be recognized from miles away across the Dakota wheat fields or the Illinois dairy lands. The North Western used to use lemon yellow with an apple-green stripe, and this paint scheme is reappearing on many of its 400's. The Wabash blue is pleasing and decidedly distinctive. The shining stainless-steel Zephyrs of the Burlington were the first of the Budd-built trains now so common across the country. The Union Pacific C&NW streamliners flaunt a yellow and tan which seems most appropriate against the background.
The color we cannot present in black and white pictures. But the grace and the speed of Midwestern trains are well shown by the photographs in this book. High-wheeled Pacifics scamper along with locals covering as many miles as many an Eastern intercity limited. Hudsons, Mountains, and Diesels leave Chicago with 15- and 20-car traveling hotels for the two-and-one-half-day trip to the West Coast. Mikados and Northerns travel at passenger-train speed with freight trains that often count up to 130 cars or more. Railroading in the Midwest has a personality all its own.
The format of this book is radically different. Pages are printed on one side only, to facilitate clipping for scrapbook use or framing. The binding opens flat and permits removal of pages without injury to the remaining book. Paper is specially coated and even the ink is glossy.
But, after all, this work was really made possible by the photographers, and to them we extend our sincere appreciation.

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