Trains Across The Continent North American Railroad History Second edition

Trains Across The Continent North American Railroad History Second edition

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Trains Across The Continent North American Railroad History Second edition
Trains Across The Continent North American Railroad History By Rudolph Daniels Soft Cover.  Copyright 1997,2000   257 Pages SECOND EDITION all the best in the world of trains.Rudy Daniel
When I accepted a position at Western Iowa Tech Community College in January, 1996, the Curriculum Development Director, Charlene Balmer, told me that I would have an opportunity to teach Railroad History. She showed me the text chosen for the course, and said that, even though it left a few things to be desired, it was acceptable to the Railroad Multimedia Training Consortium (RMTC).
I casually mentioned that I wanted to write a comprehensive railroad history on into my retirement. I was finishing the paper work on a National Endowment for the Humanities grant and my next project was to write a comparative social and political history of the United States. Besides, it would take me some time to adjust to my new position. I would also have to begin preparation to teach the railroad course.
Five months later, Charlene telephoned me to ask how much of the railroad history book I had completed! I reminded her the project was years away, and I had yet to prepare the course. She then asked me if I could complete such a text by next summer, because the current book was out of print. The RMTC needed one by August, 1997! I told her I would do it. I realized what I said only after I hung up the phone .. .
To write a complete text from scratch in a year . . . So I got to work immediately.
Charlene suggested I visit with Bill Podrazik at Johnson County Community College/National Academy of Railroad Sciences. Bill was planning a curriculum revision for Railroad Technology courses. He explained his expectations for the history course and text. He made many suggestions throughout the year, and continued to encourage me in the project.
Over the summer I had to make a legal agreement with Western Iowa Tech. I agreed to continue teaching and carrying out administrative duties, in turn for retaining the copyright on the book. Western Iowa Tech would provide a no-interest loan for graphics and typing expenses. Therefore, I would write the text while continuing to work full time.
Photos posed a problem. Pictures are a natural pan of any book on railroad history. 1 had to find institutions willing to sell me prints at low or no cost, and grant me the right to publish the same. The photo search absorbed much of my time and personal finances. Although I wanted to have a number of different railroads represented in photos, I had to settle on affordable examples. I took many photos myself to avoid costs and copyright problems. I enjoy photography anyway.
I also wanted to include an adequate amount of material on Canadian railroad history.
I must mention something about the heralds in the margins. I included them to help the reader identify with the "flag" of a railroad company. I placed one for a railroad which achieved a "first", and some for decoration.
The primary intention of Trains Across the Continent is to furnish a textbook of North American railroad history for conductor training courses at community colleges. It can also serve as a very readable account for anyone interested in railroad history.
I was glad to change my plans and write Trains Across the Continent. I regard it as a great opportunity. I hope I did the railroad industry, students, instructors, and history a creditable service .. .

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