Train That Never Arrived, The  Niagara Excursion Aug 10 1887  Louise Stoutemyer

Train That Never Arrived, The Niagara Excursion Aug 10 1887 Louise Stoutemyer

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Train That Never Arrived, The Niagara Excursion Aug 10 1887 Louise Stoutemyer
The Train That Never Arrived Niagara Excursion Aug 10 1887 By Louise Stoutemyer Soft Cover 1970   68 Pages
The story has been related many times of the arrival of Chatsworth's first white settler, Franklin Oliver. Oliver and his family drove through in a baroque, a fancy horse drawn carriage, arriving in 1832. He was on his way from New Jersey to Missouri but was attracted by the rich timber land then held by the Kickapoo Indians and known as Kickapoo Grove. Mr. Oliver built a cabin on land on the south side of the three mile road, south of town, near the farm more recently owned by the late Mrs. Elizabeth Kurtenbach; her father, Miles Desire, had purchased this land from the Oliver estate. Mrs. Kurtenbach, Joseph Rumbold and Tom Pierce, all neighbors recalled the Oliver log cabin, which was destroyed by fire. One time Mrs. Kurtenbach pointed out to this writer the location of a tiny family cemetery of the Olivers on the Kurtenbach owned land; instructions to honor the ancient graves were given to the man farming her land.
This wooded area in the center of the prairie came to be known as Oliver's Grove and served as a source of lumber and as a picnic area for the community for many years. It was the scene of patriotic rallies on numerous anniversaries of the 4th of July. James Brydon told in his diary of attending celebrations at Oliver's Grove. L. J. Haberkorn, in his History of Chatsworth, described a celebration. People in decorated wagons and buggies joined the band in Chatsworth for the gay parade to the Grove. Onlookers from all over the area gathered to watch the parade and to join in festivities at the Grove. Well filled picnic baskets and lemonade, dancing, ball games, races, the tree swings, the speech making, were all a part of the annual July 4th celebration.
An event in 1857 had a great bearing on the location of Chatsworth. This was the building of the railroad. The Toledo, Peoria and Western had been started several years earlier but the extension of the road through Chatsworth to Gilman was completed in the year 1857.

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