Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 Dump Tank Caboose Pass 1925
Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 Dump Tank Caboose Pass 1925
Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 Dump Tank Caboose Pass 1925

Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 Dump Tank Caboose Pass 1925

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Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 Dump Tank Caboose Pass 1925
Train Shed Cyclopedia #63 (1925) Dump Cars, Tanks, Cabooses & Passengers (Part 3) from the 1925 Car Builders Cyclopedia - 64 Full-Size Pages Reprinted from the Original Edition - Contents: (Articles)  The Extension Side Dump Car: The Clark Car Company for many years has specialized in the development of air operated side dump cars. - Western Automatic Compression Lock Air Dump Cars: The automatic compression lock type, without chans, designed for railroad use, offers many advantages. -- Tank Cars-Classification of Tank Cars;  Class I Tank Cars -built prior to 1903; Class II Tank Car - Built between 1903 and May 1,1917; Class III Tank Car - Built after May 1, 1917; Class IV Tank Car; Class V Tank Car - Effective January 1 1918 **  Tank Cars for all purposes, American Car and Foundry Company, New York, NY: The cars illustrated below are typical construction for heavy oils. ** Bettendorf-Built Freight Cars, The Bettendorf Company, Bettendorf, Iowa: Production of well built freight cars of thoroughly sound structural design, has been the aim of this company since the inception of its steel car business. **  All-Steel Freight equipment - Pressed Steel Car Company, Pittsburgh, PA; Ralston Steel Cars: The progress made in the development of the steel car for handling all kinds of freight and particularly the handling of large volume per car unit, is one of the most important features in connection with the remarkable success attained by the railroads in handling the unprecedented large tonnage with which they have been confronted during recent years. ** The Ralston Steel Car Company, Columbus, Ohio: This company has devoted special attention, during the past few years to the improvement of this class of car construction and have developed an organization of skill and experience in the production of steel hoper, steel gondola and other types of car equipment. ** Passenger Train Cars - Coaches, Combination Cars, Dining Cars, Sleeping Cars, Baggage, Express, Postal cars: Railroad passenger train cars as now designed for use on American railroads are practically of all steel construction, although many old wooden cars are still in use. ** All Steel Passenger Cars, Pressed Steel Car Company, Pittsburgh, PA.: Following demonstration of the practicability of the steel freight car and the fact that is would stand the heavy blows received in collisions and wrecks without buckling, the Pressed Steel Car Company, the first commercial builder of steel freight cars, was quick to realize the advantages to the railroads of the use of steel passenger equipment and the necessity for this class of equipment as a part of the future development of passenger transportation. ** All Steel Passenger and Baggage Cars, Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, LTD., Bethlehem, PA: The first cost and maintenance of the cars is an important element in the cost of railway passenger service. Likewise, the quality of the workmanship, convenience, and finish, which characterize the car interiors, is an important factor in attracting patrons. ** Many pictures and drawings.  Condition:  NEW!

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