Train Shed Cyclopedia #60 Locomotives 1940s 1950 Diesel Part 8
Train Shed Cyclopedia #60 Locomotives 1940s 1950 Diesel Part 8
Train Shed Cyclopedia #60 Locomotives 1940s 1950 Diesel Part 8

Train Shed Cyclopedia #60 Locomotives 1940s 1950 Diesel Part 8

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Train Shed Cyclopedia #60 Locomotives 1940s 1950 Diesel Part 8
Train Shed Cyclopedia # 60 Locos of the 40's & 50's (Diesel) Part 8 from the 1941 Loc Cyc and Railway Mechanical Engineer 64 Full-Size Pages Reprinted from the Original Edition. Condition New! ** Train Shed No 60 includes the following information: ** Release 10 steamersSpeeding war traffic 24 hours a day - conserving man power and materials - cutting costs 52 per cent! ** Fairbanks-Morse Diesel-Electric Switcher -Milwaukee acquires first 120 ton, 1,000 hp Diesel locomotive to be driven by a Fairbanks-Morse O-P type Engine and Westinghouse electrical equipment - Among the objectives sought in developing this locomotive are high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low maintenance, smooth operation over a wide range, easy accessibility for inspection and repairs and high availability. ** 28,000,000 miles - From the inception of Diesel power up to and including December 31, 1942, the Diesel high-speed trains owned by the Burlington Lines produced a total of 28,080,195 miles, a performance which is outstanding because the majority of this mileage has been developed since 1937. ** Modern Porter Diesel-Electrics are Rugged - Porter welded assemblies possess distinctive advantages over cast frames since they are free of casting flaws such as porosity, and defects in granular structure. The resultant product is a rugged frame permanently aligned and rigid for efficient service under the most exacting requirements of daily operation. ** All Welded Construction Means Maximum Truck Strength -Porter Gears and axles transmit Smooth Power! ** Efficient Power Plants Mounted as Single Units -Reliable Compressors, Long life Generators, and powerful engines add to dependability of Porter "Better-built" ** Diesel Electrics - Sturdy Traction Motors assure full transmission of power ** Increased accessibility to Power Plants - Additional Porter Design Features offering added Protection ** Clear Vision Cabs Mean - efficiency plus comfort - Accurate Control and smooth operation ** Typical Applications of Porter Locomotives ** Porter " Better-Built" Diesel-Electrics are in Action Everywhere! ** Baldwin-Westinghouse Builds 4,000 hp Road Diesel - Locomotive consists of two A units, each powered by two Baldwin eight-cylinder, four-cycle Diesel Engines ** First Baldwin Road Diesel Tested on the B. & O. ** New York, Susquehanna & Western -First all Diesel Electric Class I Road - Delivery of 16th Alco-G.E. Diesel-electric completes Dieselization program started in 1941. 32 steamers released. All articles have lots of pictures! Condition - new.

All pictures are of the actual item.  There may be reflection from the lights in some photos.   We try to take photos of any damage.    If this is a railroad item, this material is obsolete and no longer in use by the railroad.  Please email with questions. Publishers of Train Shed Cyclopedias and Stephans Railroad Directories. Large inventory of railroad books and magazines. Thank you for buying from us.

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