Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs 1927
Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs 1927
Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs 1927

Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs 1927

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Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs 1927
Train Shed Cyclopedia #41 Locomotive Cabs and Fittings (Part 2) from the 1927 Locomotive Cyclopedia. - 40 full size pages - Reprinted from the Original Cyclopedia Editions - Articles included in this edition: Articles; Train Heating Equipment-The satisfactory and economical heating of passenger trains depends in a large measure on the type of equipment used on the locomotive and tender. The Vapor Car Heating Company, Inc., has developed this type of equipment extensively, the principal products being described below. ** The Graham-White sander, manufactured by the Graham-White Sander Corporation, is designed to overcome pipe clogging, irregularity in sand flow and the cutting out of parts by sandblasting. This sander is of a very simple design that can be applied to any type of locomotive and to any sand box. ** Miscellaneous Locomotive Appliances - Among the locomotive appliances developed by the United States Metallic Packing Company are the King Sander, King Single, Duplex and Triples Engineer's Valves, King Indestructible oil Cup, and the Security Latch for Locomotive grate shaker bars. ** Lighting Equipment - Electric headlights are required on motive power used in American railway service, by order of the Interstate Commerce Commission in a ruling issued in 1915 and made effective in 1920. ** Headlight Steam Turbo-Generators - Pyle-National steam turbo-generators and headlights cases are produced by a manufacturing organization that has specialized in this type of locomotive equipment for the past 28 years. ** Sunbeam Turbo-Generators and headlights - Sunbeam Turbo-Generators and Headlights for locomotives service are the product of 40 years' experience in the building of locomotive lighting equipment of which 18 years have been devoted to the manufacture of turbo-generators and electric headlights. Sunbeam equipment amply meets all the requirements of the Interstate Commerce Commission. ** Barco Fittings for Steam and Air Connections - Barco Flexible Joints are particularly adapted for connecting air and steam pipes on locomotives to auxiliary devices, in order to eliminate the possibility of failures and e3lays caused by broken piping. ** Barco Engine Tender Connections - The method of utilizing Barco Flexible Joints illustrated below, makes a practical all metal engine tender connection. They are light and durable, and when installed as shown, will accommodate all normal movements between engine and tender without leakage and with an extremely low pressure drop. ** Locomotive Tinware and Tool Equipment - In 1915 the following designs for all classes of tinware in general use by the mechanical departments were adopted as Recommended practice by the American Railway Master Mechanics' Association. A description and an illustration of these articles follows: ** Pictures and drawings in this issue include: Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Train Heating equipment * Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Whistles, Whistle Blowers * Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Bells, Bell Ringers * Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Dome Castings, Sand Box, Sanders, Lighting, Electric Wiring. * Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Lighting; Electric Headlights, Turbo Generators, Generators, Cab Lamps * Cabs; Fittings; Boiler Mountings: Piping; flexible Connections, Flexible Pipe Fittings, Locomotive Tinware.

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