Tractor Facts ‘84 Technical Publications Soft Cover
Tractor Facts ‘84 Technical Publications Soft Cover
Tractor Facts ‘84 Technical Publications Soft Cover

Tractor Facts ‘84 Technical Publications Soft Cover

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Tractor Facts ‘84 Technical Publications Soft Cover
Tractor Facts 84
Soft cover
201 pages
Copyright 1984
Featuring tractor specs. Nebraska tractor test resilts, auction prices, tractor related articles, much more.

Agricultural Crawler Tractors 2
Agricultural Wheel Type Tractors 2-Wheel Drive 4
Agricultural Wheel Type Tractors 4-Wheel Drive 31
Farm Wheel Tractor Serial Numbers (1963-1984) 40
Tire Load Limits 46
Liquid Ballast Table for Agricultural Tires53
Nebraska Test Section:
The Nebraska Tractor Test Law 54
Explanation of Test Report 54
Index of 1983 Tests55
Nebraska Tractor Tests Summarized (1973-1983) 114
1984 Tractor Horsepower Chart122-123
Future Tractors: The size and shape of things to come124
Tomorrows Tractor Fuel? Diesel127
Electronic Controls: Some today more tomorrow130
New and Upgraded Engines Enter the Market134
Tomorrows Bigger Tractors: Will They Be Better? 135
Tillage-Its Still the Farmers Biggest Gamble 137
Cases Biggest Yet: 400 Engine Horsepower 140
Auction Prices of Used Equipment (Feb. 83-April 84)  141
Engines 164
Tractor PTO Horsepower and Tuneup Specifications 190
Loaders Tractor Front Mounted 194

Model or Series Designation 5015(3)5020(3)50305050(3)6060(3)6080(3)8140(3)8010P(3)8030(3)
Maximum Drawbar Horsepower (1)  17.3722.4743.2952.2472.3233.97 ,93.0 116.6
PTO HP at Rated Engine Speed (1) 1521.7926.4251.4663.8383.6641.08107,107.3133,133.7
Rated Engine Speed (1)250025002500270023002300250023002300
Nebraska Tractor Test Number 127012711240139713981445,1446 1447
FuelType -GasolineorDiesel DieselDieselDieselDieselDieselDieselDieselDieselDiesel
Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged, Charge CooledN Asp.N. Asp.N. Asp.N. Asp.Turbo.T & CCN. Asp.Turbo.Turbo.
Engine Make Hinomoto Hinomoto Hinomoto FiatOwnOwnHinomoto OwnOwn
Engine ModelCS100S126S1488035.04433T43313S233649T670T
Engine Displacement -Cubic Inches61.377.190.1168200200142.2301426
ROPS Tractor Cab-Std., Opt., NA NANANANAOpt.Opt.NA.Std.Std.
Wheelbase- Inches 50.359.861.875.692.6,91.996,95.378106,96106,96
Front Tread Width, Min. & Max.-Inches:
Two Wheel Drive 3238.641-5353-7754-8360-8850-7660-10060-100
Front Wheel Drive 3439.6DNA55-5959-7663-8352-6059-8859-88
Rear Tread Width, Min. & Max.-Inches38-3839-5141-6356-7957-9957-9554-8457-12359-123
Shipping Weight-Pounds12781850228041505900,6700 6300,7200 400013,600(4)14,050(4)
Maximum Ballast, Front Axle- Pounds
Maximum Ballast, Rear Axle - Pounds
Maximum Permissible Working Weight-Pounds 241533604160770012,30012,300625017,40017,400
Fill Capacities

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