Switzerland By Otto Siegner Hard Cover in a cardboard slip cover (this cardboard

Switzerland By Otto Siegner Hard Cover in a cardboard slip cover (this cardboard

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Switzerland By Otto Siegner Hard Cover in a cardboard slip cover (this cardboard
Switzerland By Otto Siegner Hard Cover in a cardboard slip cover (this cardboard jacket has some damage on the bottom edge about 1/3 of the way across) 1972 A Scribner Portfolio    234 pages. .  
If school children of any country were given the task of drawing a Swiss landscape, what would most likely be the constant features? There would be a lake, a chalet amid lush alpine meadows with grazing cows and, overshadowing all, a mountain chain covered with perennial snow. However naive such drawings might appear, they would nevertheless be essentially true. Switzerland mainly impresses the stranger with her manifold scenic attractions; her very name conjures up the image of snowy mountain peaks, precipices and raging torrents and of meadows, woods and clear lakes, instead of cathedrals, palaces and museums, as would be the case with France or Italy. Nature endowed this small country with all these charms, determined her natural boundaries, and so, to a large degree, predetermined her history. In the course of the great revolution which, in Western Europe, succeeded the Renaissance and Classicism, there developed a longing for nature and, naturally, people began looking towards Switzerland, the sparkling jewel in the heart of Europe. Hardly any other country can boast of so much enthusiastic praise by the poets; Rousseau, Goethe, Albrecht von Haller, Lord Byron, Victor Hugo - to name a few - expressed so strong an admiration for this tiny country that an ever-growing stream of tourists from all parts of the globe began to follow their example. Thus Switzerland became the classical tourists' and vacation resort, the "playground of Europe", which she will remain as long as there are people looking for rest, relaxation and new pleasure in life, amid magnificent landscapes. Switzerland is a small country which, even at its widest, may be crossed within a few hours by train or car; and yet it appears quite large to the traveller. First, because the variety of impressions cannot be compressed into such a small frame and also because there are no straight roads in the country, and one arrives at one's destination only by various detours which, by constantly changing direction, first to the right and then to the left and, above all, by ups and downs, pleasantly prolong the trip.

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