Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox   Soft Cover
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox   Soft Cover
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox   Soft Cover
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox   Soft Cover

Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox Soft Cover

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Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox Soft Cover
Surface Cars of Philadelphia 1911-1965 By Harold Cox
Soft Cover    
Copyright 1965   
95 pages

Introduction 2
Car Classes 5
Near - Side Cars# 6000 - 7499  7
Pay - Within Cars  # 1585 - 2356 20
Cut Cars  # 501...3517 .... 24
Middletown Cars # 1276 - 1289 .... 24
Converted Open Cars  # 3000 - 3074 .... 25
Suburban P C (Hog Island) Cars # 4000 - 4129 .... 28
Suburban K (Hog Island) Cars  # 5000 - 5109 .... 35
Smoker Trailer  # 1300 - 1359 .... 39
Dead Trailers  # 2500 - 2549 .... 39
Pay - Within One - Man  # 3100 - 3206 .... 41
Double End 1923 Cars  # 5200 - 5334 .... 44
Single End 1923 Cars  # 8000 - 8384 .... 51
Single End 1925 Cars  # 8385 - 8484 .... 51
Single End 1926 Cars  # 8485 - 8534 .... 51
P C C Cars  # 2001...2800 .... 59
Brilliners # 2021 - 2023 .... 64
5500 Series (War Board) Cars    # 5500 - 5514 .... 65
Frankford, Tacony & Holmesburg   # 101.... 67
Single Truck Box  69
Single Truck Pay - Within Cars  70
Birney Cars # 1000 - 1034 .... 71
Birney Cars (City Owned) # 1 - 5  71
Double Truck Open # 1132...1316 .... 76
Single Truck Open  76
General table of dimensions and equipment  79
Car color schemes  77
Tables showing delivery, scrapping and rebuilding 80
Near - Side Cars  80
SPC, Birney and Smoker Trailer Cars  86
Converted Open and Pay-Within One-Man Cars  87
Suburban K and Dead Trailer Cars  88
Double End 1923 Cars  89
Single End 1923 Cars  90
Single End 1925 & 1926 and PCC Cars  92
Brilliners  93
Car Route Numbers of Philadelphia  94
Total cars owned by type and year  95
Car Plans  19, 34, 38, 50, 58

This book is the first in a series of volumes in which an attempt will be made to trace all the rolling stock ever owned and/or operated by the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, its predecessors and successors. Insofar as is possible, this has been compiled from official records of the Philadelphia Transportation Company, which has graciously made all of its records available for study, where they still survive.
The equipment used by electric lines in Philadelphia can be divided into sharply defined groups. Unlike many properties which purchased cars a few at a time, the Philadelphia properties operated on an all or nothing basis during most of their history. The original fleet of cars, comprising about 2700 passenger and utility cars, were acquired with very few exceptions during 1894 and 1895. These were acquired by the four original electric railways in the city which were as follows:
Philadelphia Traction Company
Peoples' Traction Company
Electric Traction Company
Hestonville, Mantua and Fairmount Passenger R. R. Co.
The four properties, and the result of their merger, the union Traction Company, continued to operate this fleet of cars until 1899 when it entered its second period of car buying. Whereas the first batch of cars had been exclusively single truckers, the new groups were all double-truck deck-roof cars. Seven hundred and seventy two double-truck deck-roof closed cars and 160 double-truck 12-bench open cars were added between 1899 and 1906, by Union Traction and its successor, the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company. In addition, over 250 older single-truck cars were rebuilt in the company shops into double truck cars, this being accomplished between 1899 and 1902. Car purchases ceased when the company fell upon financial difficulties which began in 1906 and steadily worsened until the strike of 1910.
After the strike of 1910, the P R T, threatened with bankruptcy, passed into the hands of the Stotesbury-'Mitten management. Mitten, a ruthless efficiency expert, determined quickly that the fleet of cars in use was so obsolete that general replacement of all equipment was absolutely necessary. This was accomplished between 1911 and 1913 by scrapping over 2000 old cars which were replaced with 1500 new single-end double-truck cars known as Nearsides. This car now became the standard car of the system and all later car construction by the company was deeply influenced by the design.

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