Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930  309 Pages
Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930  309 Pages
Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930  309 Pages
Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930  309 Pages

Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930 309 Pages

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Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930 309 Pages
The Story of the Railroad Y By John Moore Hard Cover 1930  309 Pages
HERE is a narrative of one of the most interesting episodes in the history of Christian social service-an account of a great Movement's friendly intervention in behalf of a body of American workmen whose collective service to the prosperity and well-being of our people must ever stand as one of the most inspiring chapters in the story of America's industrial advance.
The industrial age brought as one of its perils the exalting of material values and benefits and the obscuring of human values and their deeper spiritual significance. In the glorification of the machine, men lost their identity. Nor is the danger fully past. Too much store is still set upon production, tonnage, efficiency, the making of things -too little upon the making of men.
Sixty years ago the Young Men's Christian Association inaugurated a service to railroad men and a service by railroad men to others which challenged industrial America to take account of human values as of paramount importance. It challenged the industrial world to take account of the place of character in industrial success. Where in our modern life has character in men been so indispensable as in railroading, touching intimately every aspect of our life and ministering, as it does, to our every need! Does anyone doubt that the blessing and benefaction brought to our American life by the railroad development of the past sixty years has rested more on a foundation of character in men than upon skill, technique, or the daring adventure of capital?
Sixty years ago this Movement was bold enough to assume as well that character in its highest development rests upon a satisfying and lifting religious faith and so concerned itself with the spiritual welfare of men and with the measures through which their highest religious aspirations could have free expression and cultivation. These assumptions remain the platform of this Movement, success through character; character through God. One may find, I believe, the explanation of the achievement of the Movement in its fidelity to these ideals.
In pursuit of these ideals the Association has rendered a service of immense value to employer and employee, for it has brought each to a conscious concern for the well-being of the other. It has helped them to stand together as men, taking account of each other's hopes and ambitions for home and family and personal success. It has materially aided in deepening the sympathy and understanding between capital and labor. It may rightly take its place among the most constructive of forces making for a better industrial life in the nation and in the world.
The story of this great adventure entered upon by men of high courage and great unselfishness sixty years ago is written by one who early gave his life to this high claim, and who reveals in himself, as does the cause he presents, the spirit of Him who said "I have come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly."

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