Story of Railroad Passengers Fares By Clyde Freed SIGNED Hard Cover 1942 299

Story of Railroad Passengers Fares By Clyde Freed SIGNED Hard Cover 1942 299

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Story of Railroad Passengers Fares By Clyde Freed SIGNED Hard Cover 1942 299
The Story of Railroad Passengers Fares By Clyde Freed SIGNED Hard Cover 1942 299 Pages
For a fascinating story there are few subjects offering the same latitude as Transportation.
Without doubt civilization follows a developed Transportation. From the caravan of the Queen of Sheba visiting Solomon to the good-will tours of today, transportation has served to unite and cement human friendships and promote national and international trade and commerce.
Interesting volumes have been written on the construction of the railroad transportation systems of the United States, of the pioneer who with faith in a vision of a new method endured hardships and with a tenacity and perseverance seldom if ever equaled in any other industry, conquered difficulties on the water, on the land, and in the air. These volumes will stand as a monument to their contribution to the welfare and advancement of mankind.
Volumes have been written on the financial problems of transportation agencies. More money is invested in transportation today than the entire wealth of the world one hundred years ago.
Volumes have been written on conduct and management, on the sacrifices and rewards of labor, on revenues and expenditures, on motive power and equipment, and in recent years on the co-ordination and consolidation of different means and systems of transportation.
Four leading engineers of New York reporting to the legislature of that State in 1835 said, "They (the railroads) will probably be preferred where high velocities are required for the transportation of passengers, and under some circumstances, for the conveyance of light goods."
As we all know their prediction was wrong and while freight transportation is possibly the most important, especially upon our railroads, all will agree Passenger Transportation is the most interesting.
The practices, rules and regulations governing the transportation of passengers must necessarily be such as to win the approbation of the majority of potential as well as actual travelers. Certain practices, rules, and regulations are essential to the safety and comfort of the traveler; others are dictated by the Government to insure a fair, equitable, and impartial treatment, while others are based upon the desire of the railroads to earn a dividend for the stockholders. Naturally in this as well as in any question involving the conduct of humanity there has been, is, and always will be a difference of sincere opinion.
In this volume the author has by research endeavored to ascertain the reason for some of the rules, etc., pertaining to Railroad Passenger Transportation. Ancient decisions mentioned must not be accepted as prevailing opinion or law, but are quoted so as to give an impartial record or for their historical value in showing the sometimes crude or interesting development of the business.
The source of material used has chiefly been the reports of the State and Federal courts; the Interstate Commerce Commission; the Official Railway Guide and current newspapers and magazines of the period on file in the Library of Congress, the library of the Interstate Commerce Commission and the library of the Association of American Railroads.
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