Stewartstown Pennsylvania Then and Now Hard Cover 2001 120 pages

Stewartstown Pennsylvania Then and Now Hard Cover 2001 120 pages

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Stewartstown Pennsylvania Then and Now Hard Cover 2001 120 pages
Stewartstown Pennsylvania Then and Now Hard Cover 2001 120 pages
A Pictorial History of the Changing Faces of Our Town
Hard Cover  BOok has a very tiny curve, it lays almost flat but if you look closely you can see a slight curve.
120 pages
Copyright 2001
By Joseph S. Hall
Our commission as delineated by the directors of the Stewartstown Historical Society was to present a historical, pictorial account of Stewartstown, contrasting the past with the present. Part of the heritage of the town is the photographic, pictorial record surviving in public and private personal files. Surprisingly, in the houses still existing, there is a great deal of similarity in their appearance. Log structures have disappeared; any surviving ones have been covered with siding and are beyond recognition. In the immediate surrounding rural area, two homes have exposed their log structure and one barn has an exposed log end on the building. There undoubtedly are more. Let us know about them. The greatest change has been in the places of business.
A strong effort was made to collect, in one volume, those events in the life of the town that made a significant impact on the economic, cultural, or religious development. There is no doubt that a number of events have been missed either because the information was not readily available or the editors were not aware of the event or picture. Since the goal of the Society is to continue to have this collection grow, the Society will continue to collect and copy such items as may be presented to them.
Because this account has been occasioned by the celebration of the Borough Sesquecentennial, it had been limited to businesses and homes within the Borough limits. A future project may well encompass the surrounding townships, as the Society wishes to involve this greater area in its collection of historical information.
Great care has been taken that the facts are accurate to the best of our ability. The content has been built on the records of the York County Archives, newspaper accounts, the endeavors of local historians and residents who also collected and saved information.
There is hidden heartbreak expressed between the lines. Whenever an endeavor fails, be it business or otherwise, there is sadness, as it affects the people involved. Please read with compassion any such happenings.
An expression of appreciation is due to all those who cheerfully assisted in the search for materials and gave of their time. We thank Marsha England who began the collection of "Then and Now" pictures and the many people who added to the initial collection. A special tribute is paid to Mary Sue Shaw, without whose guiding hand this book would not have come into existence. She has been our mentor, our inspiration and our counselor and gave unstintingly of her time.
Table of Contents
Early Background1
Treasures Lost9
Church History12
1884 to the Turn of the Century25
Business Interests37
The Stewartstown Furniture Factory53
The Stewartstown Railroad56
The Banks of Stewartstown61
Medical Professionals64
The History of Fire Protection76
Postmasters and Post offices82
The Stewartstown Fair84
The War Years94
Commercial Development in 200196

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