Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography     w/ dust jacket

Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography w/ dust jacket

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Steaming Up By Samuel Vauclain Autobiography w/ dust jacket
Steaming Up! By Samuel Vauclain The Autobiography of Samuel M Vauclain with Earl Chapin May
Copyright 1973  Reprint of the 1930 book)
298 Pages
Hard Cover  with dust jacket (has plastic protective covering)  Personal library tag inside front cover

" S.M.V.'s " first white pants - Long hours of work in later life - Helped build nearly 60,000 locomotives - Selling " iron horses " - National development of railways - Romance of the rails 1
The Vauclain family tree - Early Vauclains in France and Martinique - Mlle D'Anquitel escapes from France to San Domingo - Negro uprising - She escapes to Philadelphia and marries Jacques Leonard Vauclain - The Campbell side of the Vauclain family - Andy Vauclain, railroad machinist - The Protestant infant, " S.M.V.", is baptized by a Catholic priest - The Vauclains move to frontier Altoona     8
Headstrong young " S.M.V. " - The ninth child - First clothes made by his mother - Incessant boyish activity - Learning to drive real horses - The lime kiln accident - Shelling the family corn - Sunday School janitor - Greasing Sunday boots - Boyhood " gang " fights - Roughing the schoolmasters - " Professor " Miller - Civil War, hard times and troop trains - Palling with locomotive crews - Smoking and chewing with the men - Plastering - Well digging - Helping the Altoona priest - Good Mr. Scheeline, the Jew 18
A serious boy at ten - Work absorbs excess energy - Carving gravestones - First store clothes at fifteen - Ambitious to join navy but enters railway repair shops at sixteen - Apprenticed at seventeen - Fifty cents a day - Victim of fellow workers' jokes - Polite to " Jimmy " Quinn and " Sam " Keister - Rides many locomotives 37
Howard and the machine shop bolts - Promoted to a long lathe - Advanced to a slotting machine - Demoted to cleaning engine pumps - Promoted to keyway slotting - To fluting connecting rods - To fitting links - To locomotive road testing - Almost killed in a wreck - Long hours in the shops - Long Sunday walks - Eldest brother dies 48
Value of early shop experiences - Piece work on piston rods - Nailing his $124 bonus money in his trunk - Demoted to laborer - John W. Cloud and the testing machine - Re-lining a furnace 62
In love - Boss of the tough framing gang - Annie accepts him and goes to Europe - The family letter box - Earning $8.40 a week - Annie returns from Europe - Buying the furniture - Marriage - Gardening by lantern light - Losing their first house 68

Looking vainly for another house - Building - The bootleg treasury - A Thanksgiving snow - Lucky credit - Life-long physical health and strength - Licking the dog kicker - Made a " Pennsy " inspector at Baldwin's - Invited to join Baldwin's - Village versus city life 80
Baldwin's and " Old Ironsides " - Earning $2,000 a year - Moving the shop machinery - Trussing up falling roofs - New blacksmith shop machinery - Twenty-four hours' straight labor -George Westinghouse and electricity 93
Living in Philadelphia - A big travelling crane falls down - Installing electric cranes - Record speed in engine building - Offer from a rival company - Riding with" Blue Line Dick "- Signing a long contract with Baldwin's - Patenting - Matt Baldwin, Saint Paul and " The Baldwin spirit " 108
Selling locomotives on the road - Pike's Peak or bust - Locomotives at the Chicago World's Fair - Racing with the British " James Toleman " - The " Columbia " and the hot pin 121
The new " Decapods " for Brazil - New styles for the Denver and Rio Grande - Moving unwilling tenants willingly - Originating the " Santa Fe " - Building a new steam hammer under difficulties - The E. H. Harriman " standards "- Selling motive power to " Jim " Hill 134
Plant management - No committees - Sales managers versus the plant - The efficiency boy - Borrowing payroll on life insurance - The boy who wanted less wages - Loading a vessel for Australia - College training for the shops - The athletic dairy maid - Short letters only - Weekly trips to New York - The Hon. James J. Davis' speech - Legal fees 146
Labor management - Cripples - A good new job for one - Jack's argument - An open shop - The first and only Baldwin strike - 2,500 workmen fired - Building rapidly for the government - The contract system - No manufacturers' associations - The men like to work at Baldwin's - Higher ups are held responsible - Foremen and men agree - " Jim " will not be fired - " Old " George Johnson at ninety-five - Most men like leadership - $100,000 a year for salary - A workman who owns his farm - Low wages not good for industry - High wages possible through machinery 158
Many slants to selling locomotives - Selling an old friend on the Norfolk and Western - Reaction from " Columbia " incident - Straightening out a difficulty with the N. C. & St. L. - Good will tour of " Number 60,000 " - The " Prosperity Special " goes across the continent - Following it with much speech making178
Building the family home at Rosemont - Another politeness that paid all hands - Ill health in the family while business calls one - Death of eldest son Sam, Jr. - Electric locomotives come into vogue - Fire at the Broad Street Works - Reorganization of the company necessary - Mrs. Samuel M. Vauclain passes away - Tremendous loss to her life's partner - Business still demands attention -" S.M.V." is made Company's president - He carries on in spite of his sorrows - " Despair is possible only in idleness " 191
Expansion of business stopped by the World War - A visit to Russia to stimulate orders - Finds caulking tools in English locomotive shops - " Knowledge comes from foreign travel" - Missing German " subs " but meeting storms - The sick and frightened Polish lady - Getting Russian rifle orders for Remington's - Landing business on his own 203
A second dangerous trip to Russia - An old employe on the Arctic circle - Recovery of a thousand sovereigns - Returning with some precious gauges   216
How labor helped to win one war - Breaking records in building new plants - In making rifles - In turning out shells - in manufacturing mounts for monster ordnance to be used in France - Shipping the famous " Pershing " locomotives - Completing a million rifles in a month - All honor to loyal laborers 226
Standardizing war-time locomotives - Getting ready to go to France - Entertaining cabinet members at Eddystone - Closing an $80,000,000 plant deal 237
Reorganizing Baldwin's after the peace - Realigning the foreign sales force - An old salesman comes back - Doing more business with Mexico - President Obregon a brave man and good business executive - Meeting German competition in the Argentine - Shipping the fancy " Presidential " 246
Visiting Poland as a commercial emissary - Signing bonds for $7,000,000 worth of locomotives - Meeting an old Polish friend - Appointed a diplomatic courier by the American Minister - First view of post-war Roumania - Entertaining a Roumanian angel - Dining with King Ferdinand and Queen Marie - Trading Baldwin locomotives for Roumanian oil 257
" Firsts " that remain in memory - The first watch - The first dress suit - The first honorary college degree - High climbing on great bridges -" Nearly " nominated for President of the United States266
Approaching a seventy-fourth birthday - Tragedy of Constance Vauclain Hamilton's death - Countries " S.M.V." still yearns to visit -I want to call on old " John Lucas " 278

In this volume Samuel M. Vauclain describes his rise from a roundhouse mechanic to that of a leading American industrialist. His management and salesmanship talents, combined with an abundant physical energy, assured his success in 19th century America. Interwoven in Steaming Up! are many incidents one might expect after nearly 40 years with the largest steam locomotive builder in the world, The Baldwin Locomotive Works.
This book was prepared as a reminiscence for the pleasure of Vauclain's family and friends, and has been out of print for more than 40 years. The work is a good humored portrait of Vauclain and presents many of the interesting details of locomotive manufacture at Baldwin. Described and illustrated are many of the famous and unusual steam locomotives, the Baldwin geared engines, the first Mallets, and the "firsts" of many of the new designs of steam locomotives. Vauclain fully describes certain locomotive types, such as the Mikado. He tells how they were developed, about their performance, and acceptance by the worldwide railroad industry. Included is a detailed description of the world famous Prosperity Special.
The four-cylinder compound, first tested in 1891, was Vauclain's best-known contribution to railroading. He tells why this system of compounding was developed and its application to steam locomotive performance.
Probably Vauclain's most important contribution to the industry as a whole was his tireless efforts to improve, step by step, the method of locomotive manufacture. Steaming Up describes his procedure and practice of locomotive erection which was considered unthinkable at the time.
Vauclain's successful direction of The Baldwin Locomotive Works, following his election to the presidency, culminating in the establishment of the Works in its new home and modern plant at Eddystone in 1928. The concept of Eddystone was parallel to Ford's manufacture of automobiles - the production line.
Steaming Up! is the most distinctive, and most comprehensive volume published about a locomotive builder. It presents the life and times of The Baldwin Locomotive Works based around its former president and chairman of the board-Samuel Matthews Vauclain.

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