Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell
Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell
Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell
Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell

Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell

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Steam Over Scranton, Locomotives of Steamtown by Gordon Chappell
Steam Over Scranton: The Locomotives of Steamtown Special history studt
Soft Cover
Copyright 1991
303 pages

Baldwin Locomotive Works No. 26  16
Berlin Mills Railway No. 7 22
Boston and Maine Railroad No. 3713  36
Brooks-Scanlon Corporation No. 1  46
Bullard Company No. 2  54
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad No. 565  58
E.J. Lavin and Company No. 3  66
Grand Trunk Western Railroad No. 6039  78
Illinois Central Railroad No. 790  86
Lowville and Beaver River Railroad No. 1923  92
Maine Central Railroad No. 519  100
Meadow River Lumber Company No. 1  108
New Haven Trap Rock Company No. 43  116
Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago and
St. Louis) No.44  124
Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago and
St. Louis) No. 759  136
Norwood and St. Lawrence Railroad No. 210  148
Public Service Electric and Gas Company No. 6816  156
Rahway Valley Railroad No. 15  162
Reading Company No. 2124  174
Union Pacific Railway No. 737  182
Union Pacific Railroad No. 4012  196
Canadian National Railways No. 47  210
Canadian National Railways No. 3254  220
Canadian National Railways No. 3377  226
Canadian National Railways No. 5288  230
Canadian Pacific Railway No. 1293  236
Canadian Pacific Railway No. 2317  242
Canadian Pacific Railway No. 2816  248
Canadian Pacific Railway No. 2929  254
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Electric Car No. 2505  266
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific
Railway Nos. 97A and 97C  282
Kansas City Southern Railway No. 4061  286
New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad No. 514  290
Wabash Railroad No. 132  294
Index to Locomotives by Names of Owning Companies  300
Index by Locomotive Number for All Companies  302

This document contains the results of many months of research conducted in 1987 and 1988 for preparation of a Scope of Collections Statement for Steamtown National Historic Site. During the course of that project, the author accumulated a wealth of important raw data that contributed to a determination of which rolling stock should be acquired from the Steamtown Foundation for preservation at the park.
Because of the perceived management and interpretive value of the research material, it was decided that a special history study be undertaken to incorporate this information and to provide illustrations and bibliographic data. In essence, this report provides the rationale for decisions regarding the acquisition of locomotives for Steamtown National Historic Site; unpublished chapters filed at the park and available to interested parties by purchase of electrostatic copies likewise contain the rationale for non-acquisition of certain locomotives. The sections of this report regarding individual locomotives are mostly brief. On consultation with National Park Service Chief Historian Edwin C. Bearss, it was decided that footnotes would not be used and that each section would have its own bibliography.
The author is the National Park Service Historian for the Western Region, headquartered in San Francisco. Most of the time spent on this project was contributed and voluntary. All extensive research, such as that conducted in such repositories as the libraries of the California State Railroad Museum and the Colorado Railroad Museum, was performed gratuitously on personal time. The author also provided substantive information from his extensive personal library.
It is important that readers appreciate the time and money constraints under which this study proceeded, and that much pertinent data was thus unavailable from sites in the regions wherein the various Steamtown acquisitions originally operated or were located. That research must be left to others undertaking more detailed accountings of these locomotives.

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