Steam Locomotive, The Its Form and Function by W.A. Tuplin DJ 1974

Steam Locomotive, The Its Form and Function by W.A. Tuplin DJ 1974

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Steam Locomotive, The Its Form and Function by W.A. Tuplin DJ 1974
Steam Locomotive, The Its Form and Function by W.A. Tuplin DJ 1974
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
By W.A. Tuplin
Copyright 1974
158 Pages
Countless books have been written on different aspects of the steam locomotive, but few have attempted to give an overall picture of its design, method of operation, handling characteristics and the many - often contradictory - factors involved in efficient and economical running. In this new book Dr Tuplin - who needs no introduction to railway enthusiasts - draws on his detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the railway engine to describe its invention, precisely how it works, the design and constructional considerations which had to be faced as it gradually grew larger and more powerful, the relationship between efficiency and cost, and the practical problems of the locomotive in service. After a general introduction to the subject, the first chapter deals with Boiler and Fittings and is followed by one on the Mechanism - wheel arrangements, simple and compound expansion, link motion and other valve-gears, brakes, and so on. Throughout, comparison is made with practice in Britain, Europe and the U.S.A. and major developments in design are described and appraised, while misconcepand `red herrings' are dismissed with the author's characteristic acerbity. 61 photoillustrate every different form the steam locomotive has taken since Trevithick's pioneer machine ran on rails in 1804, includrepresentative examples from the United States, Belgium, France and Germany.
But viewed from its footplate while at work, or from a pit beneath while it rests in the shed, the locomotive differs markedly from its popular image - men had to work hard to make it run, and in a fascinating chapter on `Steam in Service', Dr Tuplin discusses driving, firing, the day's work for the engine-crew, and the dangers encounon the footplate. Nor are the wider issues ignored. A chapter on Maintenance and Fuel describes the types of fuel used and their relative advantages and drawbacks; the varying characteristics of water; and the relationship between them and maintenance costs, engine efficiency and economics.
The Steam Locomotive is, then, not just another railway book, but a concise and definitive account of the railway engine throughout the Age of Steam: as such it is both a basic reference work and a text of absorbing interest to every railway enthusiast. Its 16 pages of halftone illustrations are supplemented by 21 drawings in the text, and the book concludes with some useful tables and appendices.
List of Illustrationspage 6
i. Steam on Rails13
  • 2..Boiler and Fittings29
  • 3.Mechanism5o
  • 4.Fuel, Water and Maintenance76
  • 5.Steam in Service99
  • 6.Unconventional Steam Locomotives120
  • 1..U.S. - British Comparison128
8. Speed by Steam134
Appendices and Tables144-51
Names of Railways and Railroads152

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