Some Classic Trains By Arthur Dubin 1964  w/ Dust Jacket 434 Pages

Some Classic Trains By Arthur Dubin 1964 w/ Dust Jacket 434 Pages

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Some Classic Trains By Arthur Dubin 1964 w/ Dust Jacket 434 Pages
Some Classic Trains By Arthur Dubin 434 Pages Dust Jacket  Copyright 1964   

THE half century which concluded with the splitting of the atom and the ending of World War II was the age of the classic train. It was the era when most overland travelers chose the railway and those seeking the epitome of luxury and speed selected the distinguished trains described in this volume.

The stories of these great limiteds reflect the history of the land, the life, and the architecture of the times. Insofar as the preservation of documents and photographs permits, SOME CLASSIC TRAINS attempts to record the essence of what has been termed the Golden Age of Railroading in North America.

FOR a season in the history of the United States the only way to travel was by rail, for the speed and economy of the iron horse had swept aside the stagecoach and the steam packet. And the railroads responded to this monopoly with a profusion of service ranging from the commuter's 5:15 and the drummer's "accommodation" to culmination in the classic train. For if railroading was a modal monopoly, there was abundant competition within the industry, and the rolling symbol of a carrier's size and strength (or at least its ambitions) was its crack trains. Some CLASSIC TRAINS chronicles that era in a big 434-page volume of thousands of words of informed comment and captions and more than 1300 illustrations. It is a book about the sleeping and dining cars that suddenly changed overland travel from barbarous to opulent ... about the compounds and Pacifies and 4-8-4's that sliced hours and days out of the timetables ... about the amenities of going places, from mobile barbershops and libraries to gastronomic menus and wine cards ... and, most of all, about the Cascades and Centurys and Crescents that resulted when railroad kingdoms gave their car-builders blank checks and were proud of their dining-car deficits. Arthur D. Dubin, America's foremost historian of the passenger train, recounts its story in terms of both its mechanical implications and its human dimension. He is at once specific about car names, configurations, builders, and assignments and sweeping in geographic and historical content. Some CLASSIC TRAINS ranges from Wagner sleepers to Budd domes, from steam roads to traction, from Boston's Merchants to L.A.'s Super Chief. It is as complete as a cyclopedia, as real as the gritty camp stools we used to occupy on brass-rail observation platforms, as memorable as the Century in seven sections. It is a mirror held up to an age of deluxe travel which has yet to find its equal for the jet set of today.

Table of Contents:
First limited train in New England Mt Desert Limited
The Merchants Limited
The 20th Century Limited
The Broadway Limited
The Capitoal Limited and the George Washington
Crescent Limited
Florida Special
The Panama Limited
The Handsomest train in the world C&A
North Western Limited
The Overland Route
Sunset Limited
De Luxe of the Shasta Route
Route of the Rockets
The Santa Fe De-Luxe
The Pioneer Limited
Crack Limited of the Burlington
SOO - Pacific
The Oriental Limited and the Empire Builder
North Coast Limited
The International Limited
Interurban Classics
A trip through Cuba with Pullman comforts
The Cardinals Train
Meet me in St Louis, meet me at the fair
Some Classic Cars
History of Palace Car nonmenclature
Exterior painting arrangements

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