Snowdon Mountain Railway By O J Morris 48 pages Soft Cover

Snowdon Mountain Railway By O J Morris 48 pages Soft Cover

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Snowdon Mountain Railway By O J Morris 48 pages Soft Cover
Snowdon Mountain Railway By O J Morris 48 pages
THIS is the story of Britain's one and only rack railway, which climbs the north-western flank of Snowdon, that hard-hearted monarch of all the Welsh mountains, and finally tops an altitude-3,493 ft. above the level of the distant Irish Sea-that entitles the Snowdon Mountain Railway to rank with the most ambitious works of its kind. Starting from the sheltered village of Llanberis, seven miles inland to the south-east of the grand old walled-in town of Caernarvon, the rackrail heads almost due south, and continuously upward, mostly at an inclination reminiscent of the roof of a house. There are no level stretches whatsoever, and the mildest slope! in 50 at the very start-is a mountain in its own right when encountered on a main line railway.
From end to end, there is no respite at all for the engine or for its fireman, who has to feed the hungry little firebox with several hundredweight of coal to cover a distance of just under 44 miles. The train-a single coach-is pushed, of course, and very comforting it is to feel behind you the muscular little giant whose steady, strident beats unfold such dizzy panoramas. Rack transport also has its quaint illusions, which should be added to everybody's cherished store. There are places on the route (notably at Clogwyn) where you could swear that the line ahead was about to go downhill, so that you expect your coach to run away in front of its engine. There are others where the oncoming stretch rears itself like a wall, and you hardly know what to expect. Both are deceitful; in the first instance, the grade relaxes, and in the second it stiffens-a mere case of relativity!
By a succession of these diverting daydreams, interspersed with some pretty harsh realities, like the view from Clogwyn of a sheer drop, 2,000 ft. down to the floor of Llanberis Pass, which is nearly always in shadow, you are finally brought to nodding terms with a range of lordly peaks, and are deposited at the portals of a thoroughly modern hotel, where anyone could do worse than spend the night and view to-morrow's sunrise at close quarters.

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