Slip-Up by Anthony Delano Hunt for the last of the great train robbers

Slip-Up by Anthony Delano Hunt for the last of the great train robbers

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Slip-Up by Anthony Delano Hunt for the last of the great train robbers
Slip Up by Anthony Delano The inside story of the wild international hunt for the lst of the great train robbers. Fleet Stree, Scotland Yard and the great train robbery.    Dust jacket has plastic covering.   Dust jacket was taped (tape outline on the facing pages to the covers.    A little staining (pinkish on first pages before story begins)   Ex-Library Book    250 pages.    Copyright 1975  
Ronald Biggs was-is-the most wanted crook of our time. Highwayman, professional fugitive, bon vivant and indefatigable Casanova; he is the last man still at large from the gang that pulled off England's Great Train Robbery and got away with a never-equalled haul of $6 million.
Every cop from Scotland Yard was-is -aching to clap the cuffs on him.
But it was not a cop who found Biggs. It was a newspaper, the lively and aggressive Daily Express. And it was the Express, too, that enraged its competition by the Scoop of the Century: the story of the dramatic arrest of Biggs (a gorgeous girl at his side) in unbearably glamorous Rio de Janeiro.
It was all too much for the brutally competitive newspaper world of London's Fleet Street. Rival reporters started asking awkward questions. How did the Express happen to be in just the right place when Biggs was arrested by the redoubtable Detective Chief Superintendent Jack Slipper? For that matter how did the Yard know where to find the celebrated fugitive in the first place?
And who the hell was Colin MacKenzie, the unknown reporter whose byline was planted so tantalizingly below each shrieking Express headline?
Could it be-could it possibly be-that a great national newspaper had violated the unwritten code And set a trusting and needy Biggs up for the spectacular arrest? Had the Press been the informant? Had the Yard taken its orders from the Express?
And how did they together manage to make such a hilarious mess of it?
Anthony Delano, a veteran Fleet Street reporter himself, answers the questions in this exhilarating, inside account of the nuttiest caper since The Great Train Robbery itself. This time it is not just cops and robbers but cops, robbers, reporters, photographers --and the remarkable women who could not resist a robber-on-the-run.
And, of course, the one who outsmarts them all in the end is-as ever-elusive Ronald Biggs.

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