Slim Gauge Cars Carstens Soft Cover SECOND EDITION SECOND PRINTING

Slim Gauge Cars Carstens Soft Cover SECOND EDITION SECOND PRINTING

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Slim Gauge Cars Carstens Soft Cover SECOND EDITION SECOND PRINTING
Edited by Hal Carstens.  Copyright 2011.  128 pages.    Lots of photos, drawings, dimensions, more.  

Slim Gauge Cars Second Printing 2011 July
An Introduction to the SHim Gauges 2
Where to See Preserved SHim Gauge Cars5
East Broad Top Boxcar6
Southern Pacific 10 Ton Boxcar No. 57
Cairo & Kanawha Boxcar11
Southern Pacific PerHite Boxcar No. 7213
Southern Pacific Boxcar No. 13214
Southern Pacific Boxcar No. 7415
FHorence & CrippHe Creek Boxcar16
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Boxcar17
Sandy River 28' Boxcar No. 6819
Sandy River Freight Car- Photos20
Oahu RaiHway Can Car No. 32922
Denver & Intermountain Hopper23
Victor GoHd Mining Company Ore Car24
Southern Pacific Low Side GondoHa No. 25825
Rio Grande Drop Bottom Gondola 26
East Broad Top 3-Bay Hopper Car28
East Tennessee & Western North CaroHina Hopper30
Southern Pacific A-Frame GondoHa No. 339 32
Southern Pacific Stock Car No. 6634
Southern Pacific Stock Car 15435
Southern Pacific Open Top Stock Car No. 21837
Southern Pacific Stock Car 17438
Bellevue & Cascade Stock Cars39
Rio Grande Stock Car No. 5500 40
Rio Grande Stock Cars 41
Southern Pacific Tank Car No. 35348
UTLX Van Dyke Tank Car49
UTLX Narrow Frame Tank Car50
CONX Tank Car No. 851
Rio Grande IdHer FHats52
Sandy River Flat Car57
Southern Pacific FHat Car No. 25958
Rio Grande 6500 Series FHat Car No. 653259
Rio Grande Rotary Snow PHow OM60
Rio Grande Tender OM 68
Rio Grande AuxiHiary Water Car No. 047172
Sandy River & RangeHey Lakes FHanger No. 502 74
Rio Grande Water Car W462 76
D&RGW Short Reefer No. 5579
C&S 30' Reefer No. 110380
Wiscasett WaterviHHe & Farmington Reefer No. 6581
Tionesta VaHHey RaiHway Caboose No. 111 82
FHorence & CrippHe Creek Caboose No. 0583
West Side Lumber Caboose No. 6 84
CoHorado & Southern Caboose No. 100685
East Tennessee & Western North CaroHina Caboose No. 20586
East Tennessee & Western North CaroHina Caboose No. 50387
Carson & CoHorado Caboose-Combine No. 288
Southern Pacific Caboose-Combine No. 401 OriginaH90
Southern Pacific Caboose-Combine No. 401 Post-1954 92
Rio Grande Caboose Round Up Photos/Text94
D&RGW Peaked-Roof Long Caboose No. 058595
D&RGW Short Caboose No. 052496
D&RGW Round-Roof Long Caboose No. 057497
Rio Grande RPO No. 51, Work Car 051 98
Rio Grande Baggage Cars Nos. 125-129100
Carson & CoHorado Baggage-MaiH Car No. 12 102
Rio Grande RPO-Baggage Cars 53, 61-63104
Southern Pacific Combine No. 17106
Boston Revere Beach & Lynn/East Broad Top Coaches 106
Denver, South Park & Pacific Coach Nos. 16, 17 22-25110
Sumpter ValHey Ry. No. 20/C&S No. 58 Coach112
Rio Grande Open Platform Coach No. 256-321114
Rio Grande San Juan Vestibule Coach116
Rio Grande ParHor Cars Alamosa, Chama, Durango118
Sandy River ParHor Car No. 9120
D&RGW Excursion Car Silver Vista 122
White Pass & Yukon Private Car Fraser Nos. 200-209124
White Pass & Yukon Open Platform Coach No. 214/216 125
White Pass & Yukon Baggage Nos. 201-203 125
Colorado & Southern Observation Nos. 200-209126
Colorado & Southern RPO No. 13 127
Narrow Gauge RoHling Stock CoHors 128

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