SJ Resebyra Tag Till Utlandet 1972 Bilaga Till Sveriges Kommunikationer SC

SJ Resebyra Tag Till Utlandet 1972 Bilaga Till Sveriges Kommunikationer SC

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SJ Resebyra Tag Till Utlandet 1972 Bilaga Till Sveriges Kommunikationer SC
SJ Resebyra Tag Till Utlandet 1972 Bilaga Till Sveriges Kommunikationer SC
31 Pages
Soft Cover
I denna tidtabell finner NI uppgifter om viktigare tmed utlandet; en del bhar tagits med. Det bobserveras att tabellerna av utrymmesskbegrtill att i fhand Innehfav intresse vid resor froch till Sverige.
Ptidtabellens framsida anges fvarje land en bokstav (bokst), som htill den eller de tabeller, I vilka fmed vederbland finns.
Det viktigt att man anvtabellen just fdet land, i vilket aktuell plats ligger, och inte en tabell fett lbort belland, I vilken uppgifter fplatsen ifrav en eller annan anted- ning tagits med. Exempel: vid resor till eller frKskall man anvtabell D2 och inte F eller Hl.
Pilar i stationskolumnerna anger i vilken riktning tabellerna skall l.
Kursiv stil (Fauske) anvfnamn pplatser vid anslutande linjer. Anges tid till eller frplats vid anslutande linje med upprstil (8.43) finns det direkt vagn till eller frplatsen. Anges tiden dmed kursiv stil (8.13) mman byta t(eller annat f).
Psidorna 4 och 5 lupplysningar om biljettpriser m. m.

SJ Travel Agency Go To Abroad 1972 Appendix to Sweden's Communications
In this timetable, NI finds information about important rail connections with foreign countries; Even some boat connections have been included. It should be noted that, for the sake of space, the tables are limited to primarily containing links of interest when traveling from and to Sweden.
For each country, on the front of the timetable, there is a letter (letter), which refers to the table (s) in which the relations with the country in question are.
It is important to use the table just for the country in which the current location is located, and not a table for a far away location  Country, Which information for the site in question has been included in one or another adjournment. Example: When traveling to or from Cologne, use table D2 and not F or Hl.
Arrows in the station columns indicate the direction in which the tables should be read.
Italic style (Fauske) is used for names of places at connecting lines. Set time to or from the place at the connecting line with upright style (8.43) there is a direct wagon to or from the location. However, the time is indicated in italics (8.13). You must change the train (or other means of transport).
On pages 4 and 5, information about ticket prices is given.

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