Signatures in Steel By Greg McDonnell Dust Jacket 1991 Oversize Book 208 Pages

Signatures in Steel By Greg McDonnell Dust Jacket 1991 Oversize Book 208 Pages

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Signatures in Steel By Greg McDonnell Dust Jacket 1991 Oversize Book 208 Pages
Signatures in Steel By Greg McDonnell Dust Jacket 1991 Oversize Book 208 Pages
As a nation, Canada owes its very existence to the railroad. Prior to the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada, as observed by Sir John A. Macdonald, constituted "little more than a geographical expression!' Completion of the railway from ocean to ocean consummated the promises of Confederation and united the Dominion in spirit and in fact. As a nation, railroading is in our blood and Canada's railways have etched their signatures upon the land. Signatures in steel are spiked from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific tidewaters, from the southern boundaries to the sub-Arctic tundra. They're signatures as spectacular as the mountain mainlines, blasted through solid rock and notched into steep canyon walls; as subtle as the twin bands of steel that stretch from horizon to horizon across the lonely prairie; as distinctive as the Newfoundland narrow gauge. Signatures are traced by glistening stainless steel limiteds and plodding mixed trains, thundering symbol freights and lowly locals.
The photographs offered here are far more than celluloid images of so much smoke, steel, wood and glass. They are moments carefully and deliberately frozen in time. They are the signatures of the photographers who have invested much of themselves in the creation of images that capture the drama, intensity, vitality and poignancy of Canadian railroading in a season of transition that has been both painful and productive. Come and experience the excitement of hopping The Mountaineer at Morley and the solitude of the prairie at sunset east of Arden. Stand at mileage 59 on the Galt Subdivision and thrill to the earthshaking, ear-splitting splendour as 2220 and 5187 storm Ores Lake hill with westbound tonnage. Join the workers on the shop floor at Stratford as the 200-ton Morgan crane triumphantly cradles a freshly-shopped steam locomotive for the last time ever, Venture into Coryell and revel in all the opposed-piston glory of Extra 4065 East on its knees on Farron Hill. Experience the enduring drama, the magic and the glory that was - and is -Canadian railroading.

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