Signal and Control Manual By W K Walthers 13 sections 1932  150+? Pages

Signal and Control Manual By W K Walthers 13 sections 1932 150+? Pages

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Signal and Control Manual By W K Walthers 13 sections 1932 150+? Pages
Signal and Control Manual By W K Walthers 13 sections 1932  150+? Pages
Every hobbyist who has made the building of miniature railroads his means of expression sooner or later desires to see his creation run. And when it does run he has reached the acme of realism when this little road of his performs all the intricate functions of the life-sized model he has modeled. All this is not done in one day, or one year, but like Rome built one stone upon another until it reaches a completeness never even dreamed of at the start of the venture. Yet, the beautiful part is that the job is never ended as there is always something to add, to change or improve upon. The man who has a hobby is never bored or lonesome for creating and building is a never ending joy.
Model railway building can be divided into four general parts, each of which is a field in itself. These are: 1. Trackmaking; 2. Building Locomotives and Rolling Stock; 3. Making Scenery, Backgrounds and Buildings; 4. Operation Through Signals and Remote Control. Each of these fields can of course be subdivided in many ways and, of course, almost any other form of modelmaking can be included as auxiliary equipment. Many builders find interest in all of these fields, but the greater number specialize in one, which they make themselves, and purchase the rest to build a complete system. No railroad is complete until it runs and since the successful operation requires planning and forethought in the building of tracks, locomotives and rolling stock a well laid plan, no matter how far distant its completion, is an all essential consideration.
In arriving at a plan two things should be kept in mind: 1. There should be an aim or a purpose toward which the builder works; 2. The work should be laid out so that a definite part can be completed and put into operation in a reasonable length of time. The builder should always have in mind a picture of his road as he wishes it to be when finished. This picture will depend upon time and space available, how- much can be expended in funds and whether the model is built solely for pleasure, or as a means to some other end. Perhaps the model builder is an inventor or he may wish to reproduce in exact detail some prototype, or he may be a "free-lance" straying from the beaten paths to test his own skill. But whatever the final picture may call for, let him complete a part of it at a time so that he may keep up his interest and find new inspiration in beholding and operating that part which is done. Nothing destroys the appetite for building so much as that feeling which comes when one knows he has bit off too much to chew and realizes the effort which is needed to carry out a complete program before playtime begins. There is also the danger of being "on the wrong track" and finding out too late that what was desired can not be achieved. Planning is an all important part and should not be neglected even though the start is delayed.

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