Side Lights on Management World Systems Railways By Major Pangbourne Hard Cover

Side Lights on Management World Systems Railways By Major Pangbourne Hard Cover

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Side Lights on Management World Systems Railways By Major Pangbourne Hard Cover
Side Lights on Management World Systems Railways By Major Pangbourne Hard Cover 1901         245 Pages
The purpose in view at the inception of this effort was not to make it a work of reference.
That is, after the order of a text book.
Hence statistics, simply as such, were avoided, and, where requisite to refer to them in enabling a fuller comprehension than otherwise possible, round numbers were employed. These reached by using the hundred or thousand nearest the actual. As, for instance, where exceeding fifty, the figure was made a hundred, this basis of procedure being followed throughout.
Approximation insures the understanding the busy man of affairs seeks when desirous of encompassing knowledge for relatively incidental use.
Believing this to be the general rule the attempt has been essayed to furnish facts in the manner most conducive to ready absorption.
Short chapters, numerous paragraphs and the endeavor to convey meaning through terse and pungent sentences.
A running talk on the situation, as presenting to a railroad man, with more or less paralleling eventualities elsewhere as suggestive of the possibilities of history repeating itself.
In other words, to predicate effect upon cause, the outcome in other countries may be important to contemplate, notwithstanding the opinion may not be general that conditions are analogous.
The writer's opportunities for reaching conclusions have been exceptional. Accredited abroad in a manner assuring co-operation, such was extended by none more heartily than railway men.
Every facility was afforded for thorough insight into methods and practice, and all means provided to render the time devoted to investigation productive of the largest information.
As here, so everywhere the world over, there is a fellow feeling among railway men prompting to free and unrestricted exchange of confidence.
Were it not so, very much in some lands essential to a comprehension of the situation would remain inaccessible.
No especial country is in mind in this connection.
The world, aside from the United States and Great Britain proper, is pretty much the same as to the publication of railway data. Generally speaking, it may be said to emanate from governmental, not from railway authorities.
A matter of State, rather than of fact.
Exceptions will doubtless be taken to this assumption. For that matter, to others of like nature as well.
It is not to be expected that the point of view of everybody is the same, and certainly the writer has no thought of an exception to the rule marking the reception of this book.
Of one truth, however, there may be assurance, and it is that no personal feeling whatever has entered into its composition.
There have been no axes to grind, no individual interests to advance or pet measures to advocate. Infallibility of conclusions is not claimed.
Bases exist for the deductions expressed, and if others draw those quite different in tenor from the writer's, such is their privilege.
This is a free country.

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