Sherman Hill Union Pacific By Ehernberger & Gschwind Dust Jacket 1973 128 Pages

Sherman Hill Union Pacific By Ehernberger & Gschwind Dust Jacket 1973 128 Pages

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Sherman Hill Union Pacific By Ehernberger & Gschwind Dust Jacket 1973 128 Pages
Sherman Hill Union Pacific By Ehernberger & Gschwind with Dust Jacket 1973   128 Pages
When the Union Pacific Railroad pushed westward from the Missouri River across the Nebraska plains in 1866-67 and entered what is now the state of Wyoming, it found the front range of the Rocky Mountains barring the way west. Often berated later for supposedly having gone around the Rockies and not through them, the U. P. nevertheless wisely chose a direct route westward, rather than detouring through Denver and into the high ramparts of the Colorado mountains where would-be competitors would find themselves stalled for years to come. Although the railroad could have minimized its grades to a considerable extent by utilizing longer routes to the north or south, it forged due west from Cheyenne, facing the challenge of the high ridge which would thereafter be known as Sherman Hill. How the railroad met this challenge, both during the initial and subsequent periods of construction, and in its operational procedures over this natural barrier, is the subject of this book.
Sherman Hill is the crucial focal point on the Union Pacific, representing as it does, both the toughest main line grades and the busiest stretch of roadway on the entire system. All through traffic moving over the U. P. in either direction between the Missouri River and the Pacific Coast must be funnelled over this 56-mile segment with maximum grades of 1.55%. The resulting confrontation has produced a titanic struggle of men and locomotives against the mountain in a ceaseless battle to move a sizeable portion of the nation's rail commerce over The Hill.
This volume documents for the first time, in text and photographs, the complete saga of legendary Sherman Hill from the days of the tiny wood-burners to the modern era of high-horsepowered diesel-electrics. Included are details of the multi-tracked operations over the Hill, the terminals at Cheyenne and Laramie, the Dale Creek bridges, Sherman or Hermosa Tunnel, the Ames Monument, and the many other facets of railroading over this summit which have captured the imagination of aficianados of the "Great Iron Trail" for years, if not the management of the U. P. itself, who often saw Sherman Hill in a somewhat different light. This book is a valuable addition to the library of every U. P. fan and devotee of Western Americana.

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