Shasta Route On the Road of a Thousand Wonders from San Francisco California,

Shasta Route On the Road of a Thousand Wonders from San Francisco California,

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Shasta Route On the Road of a Thousand Wonders from San Francisco California,
The Shasta Route On the Road of a Thousand Wonders from San Francisco California to Portland Oregon.  Exclusive Book, copyrighted by HH Tammen Co. 24 photos plus the cover photo.  DAMAGED COVERS, last page with descriptions has been wet or stained at some time.  
The charm of a trip along the Shasta Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad, often termed "The Road of a Thousand Wonders," is recognized by the traveled world. It offers a succession of grandeur and scenic beauty unexcelled by any other railroad trip in America.
San Francisco, which we will make the starting point on this journey, is the largest and best known of the cities on the Pacific Coast. Space would not be adequate here to give a complete description of San Francisco. The popularity and fame of San Francisco as the site of the great International Exposition, which will take place in 1915, has left hardly anyone on the American Continent, or, in fact, in the world, without some knowledge of this great and energetic city, where the commerce of the Orient, the Arctic, and the South Seas combine to make this point and its surroundings such a national commercial center. The indomitable courage and enterprising spirit of her citizens won the admiration of the entire world, when they joined hands and made it possible to overcome and practically eliminate within the short space of a few years all traces of the disastrous earthquake and the fire resulting from it, of April 18 and 20, 1906-a calamity which was thought at the time would check San Francisco's growth forever. Justly, San Francisco has been selected as the logical point to hold such an Exposition as the one of 1915 will be, commemorating the completion of the great Panama Canal, the greatest achievement of modern engineering science and skill, as well as paying a tribute to the energetic people who have rebuilt a big city from a heap of ashes to the most modern city of America. The name of "San Francisco" has become symbolical and signifies the very embodiment of that dynamic energy which has made Western America famous throughout the world.
From the Ferry Building, at the foot of Market Street, the Southern Pacific Company's ferry boats take the traveler across the bay to Oakland Pier, the starting point of the Shasta Route trains. The short trip across the bay is of much interest, and every hour of the day numerous other ferry boats may be seen moving to and from the Ferry Building, the water gate of San Francisco, connecting Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, and other points around the bay. Vessels of all descriptions, and from all parts of the globe, populate San Francisco's harbor, which is the pride and marvel of all navigators. A number of Uncle Sam's battleships are usually anchored about the bay.
From Oakland Pier the road now heads northernly, skirting the eastern shore, passing Selby 's, where gold quartz is transformed into bullion; Mare Naval Yard, the naval center of the Coast; big grain shipping warehouses, arriving at Point Costa, where the train goes on the ferry "Solano" to be carried across the Carquinez Straits to Benicia. This ferry is the largest in the world, having accommodations to carry two limited trains at one time.
Here at Benicia is to be found the Government Arsenal, and soon after leaving this point the train passes the famous Suisun Marshes, one of the finest duck hunting regions in the country.
A little farther on, the train enters the canon of the racing Sacramento River. The valley of this river is one of the most fertile regions in the state of California and is truly an empire with many principalities. The foothill counties tributary to this valley are rich in gold and other minerals, while the rich soil of the entire valley is adaptable to the raising of a most diverse variety of crops. The upper canon of the Sacramento River constantly presents to the traveler an ever changing scene of astounding splendor.

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