Sharing the Past Shaping the Future 50 years of Canadian Feed Industry 1929-1979

Sharing the Past Shaping the Future 50 years of Canadian Feed Industry 1929-1979

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Sharing the Past Shaping the Future 50 years of Canadian Feed Industry 1929-1979
Sharing the Past Shaping the Future 50 years of Canadian Feed Industry 1929-1979 Soft Cover 1979  186 Pages
Today becomes history tomorrow. Our yesterdays are history today. Suddenly we look back and wonder how it all came about. Recollections are fleeting, memory is faulty, very little - important or not - is committed to writing. Thus, events all but disappear with hardly an eyebrow being raised.
With this Goldenbook we have endeavored that this would not happen to the Canadian Feed Industry. Though there are things and places and events to be considered, any history of the feed industry is essentially a history of its people.
Over the span of five decades, many people have made their mark on this industry. The purpose of this book is to put in writing the contributions many have made to the growth of this industry. Although every effort was made to ensure that every important contribution was recorded, it is limited to the recollection of individuals and available records. This Goldenbook would not have been made possible without the generous contribution of many individuals and companies in providing photos and anecdotes.
It has been my privilege to meet and work with many of the leaders in the industry, especially during the past ten years in the National office, and also during the sixties in the Ontario Division. All those individuals who served on Committees, as Directors, Presidents or Chairmen of the Board, who worked very hard to improve the industry and C.F.I.A. have made past achievements possible, but most of all, it has been the dedication of all members of this Association that has moved the industry forward from the first meeting in 1929 to today.
As we move forward, it is a new beginning based on a solid foundation built in the past. We can take inspiration from what was done and strive to excel by dedicating ourselves to the wholesome production of meat, milk, and eggs. Livestock feeds are the first step in the food chain in the production of protein foods.
The feed industry has, from its beginning, worked closely with government, farm groups, research institutions, and all those interested in improvements in agriculture. In the years ahead, we will rise to the challenge that a complex and unknown future brings. We know that everyone in the feed industry and C.F.I.A. will work and adapt to the changing conditions as the world's need for high protein foods increases. The Canadian Feed Industry will play its role, in co-operation with all other groups, to fill this need through improved products, improved communication, and improved co-operation.
The C.F.I.A. will continue to serve its members and agriculture in the next 50 years with new vigor and dedication, and the help of everyone in the industry.
The future is what we make it.

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