Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, The Jerry A Pinkepank Includes industrial units

Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, The Jerry A Pinkepank Includes industrial units

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Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, The Jerry A Pinkepank Includes industrial units
The Second Diesel Spotters Guide By Jerry A Pinkepank 459 Pages Soft Cover  1973
When the Diesel. Spotter's GUIDE appeared in 1967, our stated objective was to fill the void, which had existed until then, for "a really comprehensive catalog of American diesel practice." However, we confined our scope to what I call "railroad-size diesels," arbitrarily defined as being units of over 600 hp. or 100 tons. Since that book, a great deal has happened.
Many new models have been introduced, and Alco has gone out of the new-locomotive business.
Students of locomotives have assembled virtually complete serial number production records, not only of the "big six" builders (for which this information was 70 per cent complete in time for the first book), but for the small industrial builders as well.
The upgrading of the publication Extra 2200 South to an offset-printed, heavily illustrated magazine led its editors to establish a massive locomotive-photo clearinghouse, which made it possible to assemble, in 3 years from a standing start. comprehensive photo coverage of the evasive industrial models.
In THE. SECOND Diesel. Spotter's Gums we have added new models and have corrected the production totals shown in the first book based on the complete serial number records. We also have incorporated the many additions and corrections which readers submitted in response to our request. Most significantly, we have expanded our coverage to include industrial diesels of 25 tons or more. It should be stressed that in the industrial area we still are confining the scope of this book to diesels (which admittedly can be almost unrealistic in the case of builders such as Plymouth. whose smaller models use gasoline or diesel engines interchangeably). We had to impose this limitation to keep down the size, and to get this product of research into the hands of you, the readers, in a reasonable space of time. We also expanded the coverage to include those turbines that might he confused, from a general appearance standpoint, with diesels (thus we included all U. S. large turbines except PRE 6200).
Cutoff date: Models announced after February 1973 are not included.
Organization of this book: The book is organized according to builders. A model and specification number index is included at the rear. Canadian licensee designs are included with the American affiliates: Diesel Division (GM of Canada. Ltd.) with EMD; Montreal Locomotive Works with Alco; Canadian Locomotive Company with Baldwin, Whitcomb, and Fairbanks-Morse. CLC had designs of its own in addition to its licenses, and these designs are shown in a separate CLC chapter. The builder entries are divided into two segments - the "big six," arranged in order of market share, and the "miscellaneous" builders (the industrial builders), arranged in alphabetical order. In cases where the big six (notably GE) built industrial designs, such designs are presented with the big six entries at the front of the book.
Within the big six chapters, units are organized in the following sequence: switchers, light road switchers. B-B road switchers, C-C road switchers. B-B cab units, and passenger cab units (B-A1A, AIA-A1A, lightweight train power cars). Cow-calf units are included with the switchers: center-cab transfer units are included with the road switchers. Within each type, the organization is generally chronological, and from low to high horsepower, although exceptions have been made for logical grouping of related designs. Within the industrial chapters. organization is by weight, from Light to heavy, and chronologically within weight ranges, although excepuons were made to group logically related designs.
Rosters are used only where visual distinctions are not enough to tell models apart. We received many reader requests to include complete roster data for all models, but considerations of space (especially taking into account renumberings and resales) make this impossible. Instead, we recommend a subscription to Extra 2200 South, P. 0. Box 41417, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241, where such data regularly is summarized and updated. Again in this book we invite reader corrections and additions, to be sent to the author via the publisher, for incorporation into future editions.

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