Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators by W. Keith Neal DJ 1982

Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators by W. Keith Neal DJ 1982

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Searching for Railway Telegraph Insulators by W. Keith Neal DJ 1982
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Copyright 1982
92 Pages
By W. Keith Neal
THIS essay is by a boy who through his own love of railways became fascinated with the telegraph lines with their singing wires and especially by the insulators, often covered with soot from the many steam trains that had passed by.
None of his friends had any such interest except for the locomotives and their names. These were good too, but the telegraphs held the great attracfor me.
All this started 60 years ago, and I did not take long to discover that there were many varieties of insulators in those days, and different railways often had their own particular design. It was always the oldest ones that were most desired, so armed with an ancient Ensign box camera and an ability to avoid being caught trespassing, every railway which could he found was visited, and when possible, photographs taken. The desire to collect specimens of insulators was overpowering, but presented problems; just how these were got over is part of the story.
Today nearly all the telegraph lines have gone underground, the insulators to the scrap heap, and what they looked like when in use was never re. Poles erected in Victorian days could be found with insulators of 1877 vintage still in use, to a large extent due to the advent of World War I, when lack of labour caused many an old instal, long overdue for renewal, to he allowed to survive. With the War over, a great change took place; the old poles with their ancient insulators were felled and new poles with modern insulators took their place. The majority of the insulators were broken when the poles came down, but not all. Even though 90% were smashed up and scrapped, for the enthusiast there were still gems to be found which missed the reaper, lying hidden in the grass.
Foreword viii
A Collector is Made 1
Help from the Telegraph Engineers 8 The Langdon 10
Bringing a Square Pole Home 11 Eastleigh in the Fog 12
Line by Line 13 The Varley 15
The Cordeaux Pattern 17
1878-1900 17
Some Prominent Examples 18 Displaying and Cleaning 21 Appendix: Jobson and Buller 22 Index 91

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