Scottish Railways By O S Nock 1950 Color and black & white plates, line illustra

Scottish Railways By O S Nock 1950 Color and black & white plates, line illustra

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Scottish Railways By O S Nock 1950 Color and black & white plates, line illustra
Scottish Railways By O S Nock 1950 Color and black & white plates, line illustrations 214 Pages Hard Cover.  NOTICE THE HOLE in the front cover.
THERE is a strong though somewhat undefinable fascination about Scottish Railways, a fascination that Las grown since the early pioneering days, and which neither grouping nor nationalisation has done anything to reduce. Nationalisation has certainly brought railways into the news, though little enough has been said or written to emphasise the great part railways have played in Scottish life during the past  100 years, or of the great heritage Scotland owns in her railways. In this book I have attempted to tell something of the history of the five Scottish companies existing until the end of 1922 ; how the lines fared in the  grouped ' period from 1923 to 1948 ; and something of the new organisation, which has set up a single, wholly Scottish Region north of the border.
Yet when it comes to dispassionate analysis, the attraction Scottish railways exert upon so many students of transportation becomes still harder to define. The famous Scottish engines built in the Drummond tradition were no more ornate, no more graceful in outline than their English counterparts on the London and South Western, the South Eastern and Chatham and the Great Central Railways, and certainly not superior in hill-climbing capacity to their contemporaries on the London and North Western, and on the Great Western. That fascination is stimulated by the Scottish environment. Killiecrankie, Glenfinnan or Kyle of Lochalsh would invest any locomotive with an aura of romance, and so in writing of Scottish railways I have tried to give some impression of the passing scene. As an engineer myself, I have perhaps dwelt unduly upon engineering matters ; but again that may not be altogether inappropriate in a country that gave birth to James Watt, Nasmyth and the Stevensons famed for lighthouse building, as well as to such great railway personalities as Alexander Allan, Dugald Drummond, Sir George Gibb and William Whitelaw.
Of the many friends who have helped in the preparation of this book I would like to mention particularly Mr Comyn Macgregor of Paisley, late of the Caledonian and LMS Railways ; Mr David L. Smith of Ayr and Mr Edward Little. I am indebted to the Stephenson Locomotive Society for loan of the blocks from which the line drawings of locomotives were made, and to my friends A. F. Cook, F. C. Hambleton, Kenneth H. Leech and L. Ward, who between them made the drawings. It is a pleasure also to acknowledge the assistance given me by the North British Locomotive Company Ltd., and by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns Ltd., concerning the construction of certain Scottish locomotives. I have consulted Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey's book, The History of the Great North of Scotland Railway and Mr Hamilton Ellis's Highland Engines and their Work, while among works of reference I have consulted the files of The Engineer, Engineering, The Railway Gazette and the Railway Magazine.
But above all I am indebted to the Railway Executive for the most generous help and co-operation during the two years that this book has been in the making. The memory of many days and nights spent on location '-as the film people would say-with Scots railwaymen of all grades remains one of the happiest recollections of a very pleasant task.

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