Science of Railways Vol 14 Locomotive Appliances by Kirkman Hard Cover

Science of Railways Vol 14 Locomotive Appliances by Kirkman Hard Cover

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Science of Railways Vol 14 Locomotive Appliances by Kirkman Hard Cover
The Science of Railways Locomotive Appliances Hard Cover 490 Pages  Spine is loose.  Date is unknown.    Missing the title page.  
In the case of many mechanical inventions, it has often happened that the machine left the hands of its inventor in its most complicated and cumbrous form, and it remained for the practical man and operator afterward to simplify it, without reducing the advantages of the mechanism as a whole, but rather increasing its efficiency. Thus, in the process of time, the machine, once complex and confusing in its many parts, became shorn of its excrescences, and simplicity rather than complexity characterized its construction. Such, however, has not been the case with the locomotive; early types were entirely lacking in the many appliances that now play so important a part in its operation, and which form the subject of this volume.
Time was, within the memory of many engineers, shopmen and others connected with the mechanical department of railways, when the contents of this volume could have been included in a brief pamphlet.
In the early days there was nothing in the cab but the gauge cocks, throttle and reverse lever; upon the outside the attractive features were mainly rings, bands, and casings of polished brass, upon which the fireman lavished much time and labor in burnishing.
To-day the locomotive engineer finds in his cab close at hand a multitude of appliances with which he must be familiar in order to be the master of his machine and compel its prompt and unfailing response to his behests. Within the radius of his arm are a multitude of levers and cocks, the touching of which sets in motion complicated mechanisms that perform some necessary function in the movement of his train. Originally, the engineer's control was limited to his machine; now he is master of the whole train from the headlight on his engine's front to the last truck on the rear of his train. With his injector he controls his water supply; the automatic lubricator has supplanted the hand oiler; the air pump controls the brakes; his steam, air and steam heating gauges keep him advised of the needs of his train in these directions; his speed recorder tells him what work his engine is accomplishing; and so on. Each of these appliances, and many others treated of in this volume, has come into being to meet some apparent need or answer some well defined purpose, and the sum of them all has transformed the locomotive from the rampant, noisy, spasmodic pigmy of its inventor to the graceful, unfailing and swift giant of to-day. When it is remembered that it is but a part of the locomotive engineer's or fireman's business to be informed as to the construction, operation and care of these and many other appliances, it is not surprising that he should be classed among the most skilled artisans of the age.
It is essential that the engineer, fireman, shopman and mechanical student of railways should be familiar with  the construction and operation of each of the subsidiary machines and devices, that, taken together, form the perfect modern locomotive, if he hopes to attain success in his profession, and the aim of this work will be achieved if it makes the purpose, construction, operation and maintenance of locomotive appliances now in general use more clear to those interested.
Any treatise on designs, special attachments or inventions such as the locomotive appliances described herein, must necessarily be largely technical, else it would be untrue to its purpose, but I have not deemed it necessary to burden this book with mathematical formulas understandable only by those who have been initiated into the higher branches of mathematics. Indeed, my object has been to make this treatise so clear and simple that the youngest fireman may comprehend its statements.
In the compilation of this work I have had the benefit of the active advice and invaluable assistance of Mr. Edward Williams Pratt, Mechanical Engineer, a man of talent, and recognized authority on locomotive appliances, and who, in that connection, has been for many years a trusted and highly honored official of one of the largest and best managed railways of the world.
In conclusion, I would state that this volume is intended as a supplement to my larger and more comprehensive work, "THE SCIENCE OF RAILWAYS," which takes up the whole field of railway operation, and in which the duties of engineers and firemen, the operation of the locomotive, the air-brake, etc., are carefully set forth.

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