Science of Railways Vol 11 Origin Evolution of Transportation - Genesis Ry Carr

Science of Railways Vol 11 Origin Evolution of Transportation - Genesis Ry Carr

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Science of Railways Vol 11 Origin Evolution of Transportation - Genesis Ry Carr
Origin and Evolution of Transportation or the Genesis of Railway Carriage by Marshall Kirkman Volume XI Hard Cover 1904 523 Pages
Carriage is a part of man. In order to live he must transport what he eats, the clothes he wears, the fuel lie uses. He is himself, moreover, of a roving, nomadic disposition. The subject is thus inseparable from him. In depicting the evolution of carriage, therefore, we portray man's development.
The accompanying volume portrays the inception and growth of transportation and the varied processes by which we have reached our present standard. It depicts the result of man's ingenuity, his growth and unconquerable resolve, the steps-always ascending-by which he reached his present civilized station. The subject has also a mechanical interest in this, that to properly appreciate the methods of carriage now in vogue we must be familiar with the appliances which preceded them. In portraying primitive forms of carriage, I have found it necessary to give a brief account of the primitive people of the world and more particularly those of ancient times, among others, the Aryans, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Egyptians, Grecians and Carthaginians, to whom we are indebted for many of the methods we employ to-day. The subject is one of intense interest to mankind. The Ancients were, like ourselves, commercially inclined, and while their appliances were rude, and their means of inter-communication and trade limited, their business methods and forms of carriage contained the germs of those now in use. An account of these interesting people, therefore, forms a fit accompaniment to our theme. The evolution of carriage, it is interesting to notice, is so interwoven with the affairs of men that we are compelled to follow the latter step by step from their savage state in order to understand the subject throughout. This duality of interest first suggested the account of primitive men found in the accompanying volume. In the first six editions of the "Science of Railways" the engravings portraying Primitive Carriage, together with more or less of the printed matter relating to aboriginal peoples were scattered throughout the different volumes. Subsequently I selected such pictures as aptly illustrated the subject, and embraced them with an account of primitive people, in this volume. It thus forms a fit supplement to the general theme, or may be considered apart and independently, as an exposition complete in itself, of the varied processes leading up to the railroad era.

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