Science of Railways Vol 1 Air Brake, The  Its Construction and Working
Science of Railways Vol 1 Air Brake, The  Its Construction and Working
Science of Railways Vol 1 Air Brake, The  Its Construction and Working

Science of Railways Vol 1 Air Brake, The Its Construction and Working

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Science of Railways Vol 1 Air Brake, The Its Construction and Working
The Air Brake Its Construction and Working Volume 1 Hard Cover 1918 731 Pages   Science of Railways by Kirkman                                               Spine covering is missing
The universal use of the Air Brake on passenger, and freight equipment makes a clear understanding of it of vital importance to every one concerned in the movement of trains whether he be an engineer, fireman, trainman or air brake inspector.
This understanding must consist of a clear knowledge of the principles that govern the mechanical appliances used and of the details of the contrivances adopted to obtain desired results; to this basic knowledge must be added familiarity with the difficulties met with in actual operation and the precise methods by which such difficulties may be overcome or obviated. This field of wide scope and infinite detail this volume covers. From it the student may learn of the construction of the two great systems of air brakes-" The Westinghouse" and New York ;" of the functions of the various parts; of the actual troubles that arise day by day in their operation; and of the specific means to be taken to overcome or prevent them.
To railway operatives, more than any other class, is committed the safety of human life and valuable property and no mechanical device ever invented has been more efficacious, and therefore beneficent, than the modern air brake, in safeguarding human lives and property in the course of transportation. But its efficiency depends upon its intelligent operation, and it is to the great credit of railway operatives that they have always shown an eager desire to attain the highest proficiency in this particular department of their profession. It is the belief that this volume will afford them a better insight into the subject and thus aid them in their daily duties that prompts its submission to them.
In the preparation of the work the author has been favored with the advice and assistance of two of the highest experts of the country in air brake matters: Mr. L. M. Carlton and Mr. John Fulton. Much of the matter has also been contributed by Mr. E. W. Pratt, an expert in such matters. To Mr. G. W. Rhodes and Mr. Robert Quayle, both of the highest eminence in their profession, the author is indebted for examination of much of the matter with a view to the discovery and correction of inaccuracies and omissions. The volume has thus passed under the review of men pre-eminently fitted to judge its merits. The illustrations are authoritative, having in the main been prepared under the immediate direction of the Westinghouse and New York Air Brake Companies.

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