Santa Fe The Chief Way by Strein Vaughan & Richards Soft Cover 2001 131 pages

Santa Fe The Chief Way by Strein Vaughan & Richards Soft Cover 2001 131 pages

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Santa Fe The Chief Way by Strein Vaughan & Richards Soft Cover 2001 131 pages
Santa Fe The Chief Way by Strein Vaughan & Richards Soft Cover 2001 131 pages
The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway became a part of the American Southwest in November 1878 when construction crews working from the east reached the summit of Rat6n Pass and entered the Territory of New Mexico for the first time. Over the next several years the railroad extended its tracks south to Albuquerque and El Paso, and westward from Albuquerque to Arizona and California.
In the process of building through New Mexico, the Santa Fe encountered lofty mountain ranges, cut through spectacular canyons and skirted multicolored mesas and rock formations. It also passed by numerous Indian pueblos still inhabited as they had been for many hundreds of years. Next to its tracks towns sprang up and a new prosperity spread through the territory. From its earliest beginnings the Santa Fe Railway profoundly impacted New Mexico and the Southwest. But soon the American Southwest and its Native American people profoundly influenced the railway.
This influence manifested in many ways, from the names the railroad gave its passenger trains and cars to decoration, both inside and out. Indian symbols even adorned the china used in the dining cars. For many years Indians from several Southwestern tribes actually rode the trains through New Mexico, acting as guides for fascinated passengers. The Southwest's influence is most apparent in the railroad's advertising. Beginning as early as the 1880s, images of Southwestern landscapes and Native people were used in promotional material, and these images became more and more widespread as time went by. By the late 1940s and 1950s this advertising campaign had developed into a virtual artform.
No other railroad, and perhaps no other company in the history of America, so completely embraced the territory it served and used the mystique of a land and its people to market itself to its customers. As a result, the Santa Fe Railway's image of sleek, streamlined passenger trains crossing New Mexico became known throughout the country, and people flocked to Santa Fe trains to see the Southwest for themselves.
This book conveys the excitement and romance of streamlined train travel on the Santa Fe and provides a look at how the railroad used the landscapes and Indian culture of the American Southwest to promote travel on its famous trains.

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