S&D Reflector 1973 June Published by Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen 48 pag

S&D Reflector 1973 June Published by Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen 48 pag

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S&D Reflector 1973 June Published by Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen 48 pag
S&D Reflector 1973 June Published by Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen 48 pages   RIPPLED pages
Canal Fever
Mariettas Riverfront 81 years ago
Charles T Campbell
As this issue of S&D REFLECTOR goes to press on May 1, 1973 the huge Greene Line steamboat everybody is talking about is still a dreamboat.No steel has been cut; no keel laid. But there have been significant developments.
On March 15 last Greene Line made public announcement that the contract for the "new" DQ had been accepted by Jeffboat, Inc., Jeffersonville, Ind. Also released were the following "estimated characteristics" of the proposed vessel:
Length over all, 379 ft.Length between perpendiculars 344'10"
Breadth, over guards, 68 ft.
Breadth, hull, 67 ft.
Draft (loadline), 8 ft.
Fixed height from water, 52 ft.
Estimated speed, 12 mph.
Lower berths for passengers, 400
Staterooms, 220
Crew, 110
Fuel oil bunkers, 430 tons
Fresh water tanks, 440 tons
Estimated net tonnage, 3500
Estimated gross tonnage, 4500
She is sternwheel, and wheel is designed with five flanges and is about 35 feet length of bucket and 25 feet in diameter. The machinery will be identical to the engines which were built by the Marietta Manufacturing Co. for the towboats JASON (later HERBERT E. JONES), ALEXANDER MACKENZIE and JACK RATHBONE, 16" and 32" by 10 foot stroke.
The above-quoted over all length possibly is from the forward end of the stage to the monkey rudders. Another figure given for her over all length is 365 feet, which we take to mean from stem to monkey rudders. The actual hull length disclosed last fall was 326'10" from stem to the aft transom.
Greene Line also announced that the probable cost of the new boat would be "approximately $15.5-million." That sum in 1926 would have built sixteen DELTA QUEENS, and in 1914 when your editor was getting his first look at steamboats, $15.5-million would have bought and paid for all of the passenger steamboats on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, including also the Red River of the North, about fifty-five in all, including all debts good and bad, spare paddlewheel shafts, pianos (a few boats had baby
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