Route of the North Woods Hiawatha by Burg & Storozuk Wisconsin Valley Line Milw

Route of the North Woods Hiawatha by Burg & Storozuk Wisconsin Valley Line Milw

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Route of the North Woods Hiawatha by Burg & Storozuk Wisconsin Valley Line Milw
Route of the North Woods Hiawatha by Thomas Burg and Bob Storozuk The Milwaukee Road's Wisconsin Valley Line Soft Cover 2010 113 Pages  Signed library review copy Thomas Burg
The genesis of this book occurred at the 2008 Milwaukee Road Historical Association (MRHA) convention when president Bob Storozuk suggested that the 2010 convention be held at Wausau, Wisconsin, featuring the road's Wisconsin Valley Line. Once the site and focus were definitely established, the idea was suggested to reproduce Specht and Cline's long-out-of-print The Wisconsin Valley Line. Several reasons limited the feasibility of this, but the idea evolved into a totally new book as a joint project of MRHA and the Marathon County Historical Society (MCHS), holder of much of John Cline's photo collection. The final evolution of the project brought in Merrill Publishing Associates (MPA) as publisher for a photo chronicle of the line. MCHS contributed photos from its Cline and Colby collections; MRHA contributed Bob Storozuk's narrative and the back cover map; and MPA contributed photos from its Campbell Collection and coordinated the project.
Initial photo selection was conducted by a small band of Thursday morning regulars: Ralph Wehlitz, Ron Beckman, Dave Wallenfelsz, Dick Schultz, Brett Barker and Tom Burg. The result is this photo book documenting both the length of the line from Tomah and New Lisbon to Star Lake and beyond, and its chronology from the 1870's until the 1985 Soo Line succession to the remaining property. We offer special thanks to Ralph Wehlitz for editing assistance.
Readers may question the use of "North Woods" vs. "Northwoods" when referring to this Hiawatha service. While both authors prefer the common contemporary usage of the word "Northwoods", the final say belongs to the Milwaukee Road. Timetables consistently use "North Woods". To be consistent with authors Jim Scribbins, Charles Bilty and Mike Schafer, who have previously written about the train, the two word designation is used here, with the single exception of R.E. Pierce's cover painting entitled Northwoods Hiawatha.
Only one color photo of streamlined ten-wheelers #10 or #11 on the North nods Hiawatha has been located, this a grimy wartime photo of #10 double-heading at Woodruff, Wisconsin, that appeared in The Milwaukee Railroader, Second Quarter, 1999. Robbie Pierce's cover painting gives us a glimpse of the true beauty of this train.
Since 2005 MPA has specialized in railroad books and CDs from the extensive Roy Campbell Collection of steam locomotive photos, including producing the MRHA steam locomotive series.

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