Round The World on the Narrow Gauge By Whitehouse & Allen Dust Jacket 1966 159

Round The World on the Narrow Gauge By Whitehouse & Allen Dust Jacket 1966 159

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Round The World on the Narrow Gauge By Whitehouse & Allen Dust Jacket 1966 159
Round The World on the Narrow Gauge By Whitehouse & Allen Dust Jacket 1966 159 pages  
Spotting on title page and end blank pages.   DAMAGE TO DUST JACKET (Front cover left side top to near the title is torn )
NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE not Only saw the centenary of steam 011 the Festiniog Rail way, but also marked a hundred years of progress and decline of the steam-powered narrow-gauge railways of the world. This book is not intended just to commemorate this centenary, but it owes something to it nonetheless. Our intention is simpler but also more widespread; it is to show some pictures of the narrow-gauge all over the world which we have been able to collect, beg, borrow or steal from many sources in many countries, pictures that appeal to us personally. Our plan was made some years ago after an earlier collaboration, but lay in cold storage while one of us spent over three years in Canada; but material has mounted up, new territories have been explored and pictures obtained so that now we are ready to roll.
We make no apologies for another book limited to the narrow-gauge; for both of us it has an irresistible appeal. The type of railway, moreover, which comes into this category-which we define here as running on track less than 4 ft. 8i in. wide-differs very considerably in different areas. In Europe the narrow-gauge, with some few exceptions, is confined to feeder lines and little minor railways or those in exceptional and uncompromising terrain. Further afield, however, as in most of Africa, in Japan-excepting the new Tokaido line, which runs on 4 ft. 81 in.-or in New Zealand, what we define as narrow-gauge is itself the standard-gauge with large and powerful locomotives hauling full-scale and luxurious equipment. Nevertheless, even with all this there are still obscure little lines in many countries and much strange, weird, enjoyable and fantastic apparatus among the equipment. Spectacular jungle, mountain or desert scenery, gorges, waterfalls, volcanoes, great bridges and tunnels-all exist in this narrow-gauge territory, and where we can do so we have tried to illustrate the scene, rather than just the train.
We have confined ourselves in this album almost entirely to pictures taken since World War II. To some extent we feel reluctance over this, for there is a temptation to go back in time to allow ourselves to include historical pictures, of which there are many, and stories of pioneering days, but we felt that unless we put some backward limits on our study we would end up with a hotchpotch of "ancient and modern" and be in real danger of taking ourselves entirely out of the realms of our own personal experiences.

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